I remember my first school books having the top two thirds of the page blank for a picture and the bottom third of the page printed with two or three lines for our handwritten story.  I much preferred writing to drawing and went through about ten different styles of handwriting before settling into the one I naturally use now.

Handwriting always amazes me, especially when a comparison of two different (adult) samples shows so very many dissimilarities.  We all have the same basics and the same tools, yet so much variety.  I do hold my pen slightly differently (apparently) as I rest it on my third (ring) finger rather than my middle finger.

I visited Laurie's blog earlier today and saw that she had been given a handwriting task from another blogger.  I've sort of jumped in the middle of this because it appeals to me so much.  I have written this piece with my everyday Parker pen (.7 Gel refill) and used the yellow notepaper from my A5 Filofax (hush now, it was the only spare piece to hand...).

click to see my scribble close up!

Here is a translation, in case you can't read my scrawl:

1.  Write your name
Nickie O'Hara

2.  Write your blog URL

3.  Write 
"The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog"

4.  Favourite quote?
"I know I'm going to die so my revenge is living well!"
(Not a quote as such but a line from a song.  The song is "Make Me Pure
and the lyrics were written by Stephen Duffy and Robbie Williams.)

5.  Favourite song?
See below!

6.  Favourite singer/band?
I don't have a favourite so I did a five-song shuffle on my phone which doubles up as my mp3 player:
Smash Mouth : All Star
Britney Spears : Baby One More Time
Detroit Spinners: Working My Way Back To You
Glee Cast : Last Name
Queen : We Are The Champions
(make of that what you will!)

7.  Anything else to add?
I cannot write any more because my hand aches - a drawback of writing less with pen and paper these days.

So what do you make of that?  Are there any handwriting analysts out there that are giving this a good going over?  What have I revealed?  And if you fancy joining in, feel free - link back to me and let me know when you're done.