11 Tips To Make Your Life Easier On The Run Up To Christmas

  1. After 20 years, I have realised that gift tags are a waste of time on the children's presents.  They see their name, rip the paper off, exclaim with joy and move on to the next present.  Black permanent marker is the way to go, scrawled across the back of the gift.  We don't rescue and neatly fold the paper.  We use it to keep the fire going.  Also, there is less chance of any gift tag being ripped off and wondering who the present belongs to.
  2. If a bargain was to be had, the cheaper price tag will be removed and the more expensive price tag will accidently-on-purpose will be left on.
  3. A spare room is a present-hiding godsend.  Especially if it has a padlock on the door.
  4. A 19-year old's pile of presents is a lot smaller than a 17-year old's pile of presents which, in turn, is a lot smaller than a 11-year old's pile of presents, even though you have spent the same amount of money on them.
  5. The present that cost the least will be the best present in the whole of the world.
  6. When you order from SportsDirect.com they include little gifts of tat that they can't normally get rid of like a mug with their logo on or a calender that displays a 30p price tag.
  7. Next year I am going to invent a gift-wrapping station that is approximately the height of my ironing board as my back is killing!  Or I might just use the ironing board.
  8. When wrapping track-suits, make sure you don't include the spare roll of sellotape in with one of them.  (Dear Michael, if you find a roll of sellotape inside one of your presents, please do not think I have gone mad.  Love Mum x)
  9. Stashed Christmas booze can always be replaced the next day.
  10. When booking a few extra days off work so that you can have a full fortnight off with your family, make sure you check the weather report in advance to see if you can get away with "Snow Days" (free holidays) instead of "Annual Leave Days".
  11. Arrange all gift-swapping trips that involve a journey over the Pennines for June or July.  You have less chance of any snow preventing seeing your sister for the first time since February.  For the second year running.


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