Will I Soon Be Appearing On Google Street View?

This admission is going to divide you.  You're going to think I'm absolutely pathetic or you're going to completely understand where I'm coming from but *deep breath* today I saw my very first Google Street View car. Be still my geeky heart... 

For the last few years I have enjoyed the wonder that is Google Street View. The first time I dragged that little yellow pegman onto the map I didn't go and see the Statue of Liberty or the Eiffel Tower or even any of my favourite London landmarks.  No, I dragged it to my own street and looked at my own front door, wondering when the Google Street View car had driven past my front window.

Today, after leaving work, I needed to take a slight detour to grab some petrol for my car and to run an errand at the post office. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught sight of an odd looking car and knew immediately that it was fate.  It was (sort of) heading in the same direction as I was so I took it upon myself to follow it... all the way to the car park of a local supermarket where the driver parked up, got out, locked up the car and disappeared into the store.

Which is when I took the opportunity to capture my digital moment on my digital camera roll.

Google Street View Car

Was this my moment of fame and glory? Will I be forever immortalised on a version of the most famous map on the internet peering over the steering wheel of my car? We will find out soon enough, won't we?  As an aside - does anyone know how I can get a job as the Google Street View Car driver?


Nickie O'Hara Metro - Nickie O'Hara


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