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4 Reasons To Love Wearing Glasses

Last year I wrote a blog post that definitely touched a nerve with many people. It was my 10 reasons why I hate wearing glasses. But since finding a couple of styles of frames that really suit me, and using my contact lenses only when really necessary, I've started to learn to enjoy wearing glasses. I asked a few spectacle-wearing friends what they enjoyed about their 'bins' and there was a few agreed points.
As already mentioned, it's brilliant to be able to actually see! When you put on your glasses everything is crisp and no longer blurred around the edges. It's also quite handy to be able to see other vehicles on the road and not play a real life game of bumper cars along the main road.

If you collect a few pairs of SmartBuyGlasses UK glasses or even prescription sunglasses in different colours and shapes they make great additions to your outfit - and we all know that some people even use glasses with clear lenses for this purpose too! Glasses make great safety goggles for times when you're frying bacon or using an angle grinder (I definitely don't recommend this one) and there's less chance of getting a fly in your eye when cycling.

We all know that Superman hid behind a pair of thick rimmed spectacles so he could go about his day-to-day business as Clark Kent but glasses definitely make you look more intelligent (stop laughing over there...) and you can peer over them to become saucy secretary or evil teacher. 

If you're a contact lens wearer, there's nothing better than taking your lenses out and giving your eyes a good rub (it's the equivalent to taking your bra off at the end of the day, isn't it?) before putting your glasses on.  And finally, even though you don't notice your specs getting dirty, when you give them a good clean it's like having new eyes!

As I've got older I'm definitely relying on my SmartBuyGlasses UK glasses more for every-day use, especially driving, screen time, seeing anything at all in the distance... in fact, anything past my phone or a book then I've got little chance of seeing it (just ask my running crew what happened the day my glasses frames broke just before we set off on a community run...). My eyesight isn't all that bad - even if I did marvel at the fact that Vera Duckworth had patterned wallpaper the first time I watched Coronation Street on television in my glasses as a child - but it's nice to feel comfortable with the extra face furniture hooked over my ears


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