Refreshing The Bathroom

In between working full time and looking after the house and family without resorting to takeaways or curling into an exhausted heap, it can be difficult to focus on our home for long enough to really improve it. Beyond any housework and periodic mental note-taking - “sort out the spare room” has been on the to-do list for about a year - there just isn’t any time for large home improvement projects. But this was always our forever home and we need to keep at it, so at the end of 2018 we resolved to try and get a few of those jobs done.

This home will always be a work in progress and in order to relax here I've got to accept that some things just won’t change. We bought new bedroom furniture so that we had to organise our clothes instead of piling them up on the shelving unit in the corner. At least the rest of the room stays in order now.

I would love a large bathroom or even turn the small bedroom into an en suite. The luxury of a second bathroom would be amazing but it would be worth putting some work into making it just as pleasant to be in as every other room in the home. Here's my wishlist for the perfect bathroom in my fantasy house:

  • Stone surfaces, not tiles. Both are easily cleaned, but tiles can seem a tad clinical. Plus there’s that whole “keeping the grout” clean issue, although we did spot some fantastic tiling in a Japanese restaurant recently - the tiles were white, the grout was bright red. Fun, but we’re going for the relaxing tropical look.
  • One plant. Maybe two. Needs to handle steam and varied temperatures, so philodendrons or Boston Fern are good choices.
  • Stylish towel storage. Minimalist idealism be damned - we can’t escape towels in the bathroom. But we can keep them off the floors. Heated towel rails are practical, keeping the space warm and drying towels quickly.
  • Storage for products. I'm really not a fan of plastic bottles all over the place, however high-end. Cleaning also happens faster if surfaces are clear. So we want tucked away storage that’s easily accessed when needed, ie once you’re in the bath and remember that you’ve forgotten your sugar scrub.
  • Good ventilation. There's nothing worse than a luxurious looking bathroom that smells of mould.
  • Maximise natural light. Lying in the bath in the sunlight is one of my favourite luxuries, and luckily we have a big window in our bathroom. This will be undiminished by curtains or froufrou of any sort. If we didn’t have one, a skylight would be the answer.

Going back to point one, we got hold of the Rainbow Chalk Grout Pen and Sealant Pen to make the first move on making our current bathroom a bit cleaner looking!

Damp conditions encourage mould and mildew which discolours the grout so these products basically do what it says on the tin tube; the Sealant Pen whitens dirty sealant and the Grout Pen revives the tile grout.  They are in the form of a pen which controls the flow of the product and it's a really inexpensive way to freshen up your bathroom or kitchen. They are also made with an anti-fungal formula which will help prevent future mould growth.  Products are water based and non-toxic - so important when using in areas of the house where the children are.

How would you refresh your bathroom.  Let me steal your ideas! 

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