How to safely travel during a pandemic

So, I’m going to start this by saying that I’m not completely sure how I feel about travelling during a pandemic. We have been told to “stay home, save lives” and now it’s okay to travel to a foreign country and then come back and not have to self-isolate? 

Yes, many countries have now been removed from the travel corridor exempt list, so you can safely go to the beach with your family, visit attractions, eat out and then come home and isolate for 2 weeks. However, after your holiday and self-isolation, you still can’t hug your non-household family and friends? 

We’re definitely in a strange situation and nobody can blame you if you go on holiday, I feel like we all need one, desperately. Just be safe and take all the right precautions when you do so.

How to be safe when travelling? That’s the real question and aren’t you glad that’s what I’m talking about today? If you are thinking of going on holiday soon or already have a holiday planned and are looking at ways to keep safe and protect the ones you love, I’ve pulled together some do’s and don’t’s from a close friend at Aviation Tooling experts Aviation Spares & Repairs LTD.  

Personal protective equipment is key.

Wearing protective equipment, such as disposable masks and face shields, while maintaining good hand hygiene are the best ways to reduce the spread of disease wherever you are. ALL PPE, personal protective equipment supplier, has available a comprehensive range of equipment that you might need when you are travelling – don’t forget your face covering if you are travelling by plane or you might be denied boarding!

Think of alternatives.

Perhaps the thought of going away to a foreign country is still not something you are comfortable with doing, why not have a staycation instead? Or maybe if it’s the flying part of a holiday that you are not sure about, why not drive to your destination?

Follow guidelines.

Regularly check the Government’s coronavirus guidelines and don’t forget to view the guidelines of the country you will be travelling to.

Consider the risks.

The reality is that you can catch the virus anywhere. Whether it is at your weekly supermarket shop or simply opening the mail, there is a risk of catching coronavirus. The Texas Medical Association published a chart comparing the risk levels for popular activities and the likelihood of catching the virus.

Be ready to self-isolate.

With the self-isolation rules quickly changing every day, if you are going to a different country, be ready to self-isolate when you come back as it might be something to look forward to when you get home. Even if you come from a country that’s exempt from self-isolation, the best way to protect your loved ones and the community around you is to self-isolate even if you don’t have to. 

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