Where It All Began

Sunrise on 28th July 2009

This was the sunrise on the 28th July 2009. 
At the time I never knew how that day would change my life, 
but it was the start of a new path for me.

Today this blog is five years old.  I've been blogging much longer under many guises however Typecast came into existence with this post about becoming a young grandparent. This blog has given me space to air my opinions and speak freely, occasionally with people listening and responding.  It has connected me with an amazing and inspiring group of people that continue to grow as an online community.  It has helped me raise thousands of pounds for a charity very close to my heart. It has brought me opportunities to help support some awesome campaigns. 

It continues to take me on a journey of self-discovery.
Thank you for travelling with me.

The image was sent to me by The Day That..., mounted and framed. 
It is now hanging over my desk as a reminder of where it all began. 

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