Review : Simply Pure

When I was approached by Netmums and asked to review the Simply Pure washing power for them, I did so with trepidation.  I'm not easily swayed by products that profess to be eco-friendly or hypo-allergenic; mainly because I believe I am going to be over-charged or the product isn't going to stand up to the advertised promises.

100 Words - The Assignment

Every six weeks or so The Assignment takes over my life. Two days before the deadline I enter “panic mode”.  The books have been read and the supporting material digested so I have the knowledge. 

The jumble of pencil scribbles and green highlighter marks suddenly make no sense.  Two thousand words isn't a lot really, is it?  Sometimes I struggle to fill the page, sometimes I need to cut back.

I heave a big sigh, hoping someone is listening and will offer a word of support but there is no-one in earshot.  They have been warned to leave me alone.

"100 Words" idea stolen from Mr London Street
You are only 100 words away from a chance to win a ticket to Cybermummy 2011.  See here for more details


Vivid Memories

I often sit and wonder what memories I am providing my children with.  Are we, as parents, conscious of providing good (or bad) memories?

100 Words - The Beginning

I have written the title; it’s a start.  The rest of the available space screams at me like white noise.  Where are the words going to come from?  They normally bubble up from within but today my mind is as blank as the screen.  

I am always searching for new ideas, armed with my notebook.  The scribbling makes sense to no-one else.  I listen, I watch, I feel.  I bemoan the fact that I do not have the time nor the discipline to turn the words into something tangible.

Writing, in whatever form, is my escapism.   Always searching for Utopia. 

Formulated after reading the Mr London Street "100 words" posts

Where are the words?

This morning I opened my Google Reader and saw "All Items (361)" glaring back at me.

Fantastic, I thought.  Lots of lovely blog posts to read as I have now set aside weekends to catch up with blog reading and Open University reading.  It's the new streamlined, organised me (stop laughing at the back).  Also, being slightly obsessive about organisation, I have my blogs divided into folders; Must Read, Random, Life & Style... and I scroll through them in order, soaking everything up.

This is what I am seeing at the moment:

Who Am I?

I am always trying to work out who I am.  I never fitted in at school; bullied regularly because of the origins of my surname.  I was told I was intelligent - above average in fact - but, for some reason, I struggled with the work.  I excelled at sports but was always last to be picked for any team games.  I have never really been happy with the way my life has panned out, always wanting more, never really feeling sated or successful.

I am constantly trying to find my identity.  I don't particularly like names or pigeon holes but there seems to be nothing to describe me. Am I a first?  A unique?

DO NOT tell the Twitter Queen how to use Twitter. Fact!

When I made the decision to blog and tweet in my own name I realised that there would be some people who didn't agree with my opinions, others that would really enjoy reading about the crap that I write about and that I would meet and converse with some bloody interesting people.  That's how the internet works.  In the same respect, I also realise that the World Wide Web and social media isn't static - just like real life, really.  I mean, if I still followed the same five people I followed when I first joined Twitter then Stephen Fry and Jonathan Ross would be a bit pissed off with me by now.  You have to speculate to accumulate.  You also have to do a bit of weeding to allow growing space.  You finally have to remember that you are at the mercy of computer programmes who seem to have a mind of their own.

So, when I logged onto Twitter this lunch time I was VERY surprised to read the following:

If it's not hanging off then it's not broken!

There's an old saying when you are a child of the Seventies:
"If you fall off there and break your leg, don't come running to me!"
I may have taken my harsh form of parenting one step too far back in 2006 on a day trip out to Blackpool:
"Your arm is sore?  Oh, stop moaning.  It's not hanging off, is it?  We'll go and get an ice cream."


Valentines Day at Typecast Towers

Email: 12.49pm 14th February 2011

Kev to me
show details 12:49 (4 minutes ago)
you better not have wasted money on valentines crap for me

Nickie O'Hara

 to Kev
show details 12:55 (0 minutes ago)
I havent!! ffs
I forgot it was valentines day until I got to work and wrote the date down.  Your persistence has paid off!


Blognonymous : Addiction's A Curse

This post was submitted to me within the ethos of Blognonymous.  This author isn't a member of the blogging community but has heard about Blognonymous through word of mouth.  As ever, submissions remain unedited - it was the author's choice to write this in the form of a poem.  

If you would like to offer any kind of support in the comments but prefer to remain anonymous yourself then there is a "guest comment" facility - sign out of Disqus (if you have used it before) and you will see "guest" appear as an option.

This meme is like nits

This meme is like nits - you'll do your utmost best to avoid getting it but receipt is inevitable over and over and over again...

Review : Hotter Shoes

First impressions count, I don't care what anyone says.  When I was asked to pick a pair of Hotter Shoes from their website to review, I was a bit dubious.  I may be a (*cough*very young*cough*) Nana but that doesn't mean to say that I have to start dressing like one!

However, well fitted, comfortable leather shoes are important and as I dug a little deeper into the Hotter Shoes website I saw a few styles and colours that I really liked.  I plumped for a pair that I could use for work so that I could give them a fair test.

Home Alone

The Daily Express (amongst other publications) reports that:

A MOTHER who left her son of 14 to mind his three-year-old brother while she went to the shops was given a police caution for “cruelty” and was suspended from work. 
Last night the case ignited a debate over when it is acceptable for parents to briefly leave older siblings home alone as carers.
(source: Daily Express, 07.02.11) 
Before I even offer my opinion on the very nature of this subject, please have a read of the full article and make an informed decision about what was going on (the link will open in a new tab/window).

How much information is missing?  If every parent who "nipped to the shops" was arrested and cautioned, how much police time do you think this would take up?  On what grounds did the police consider that this mother was guilty of cruelty?  Was it really 30 minutes or had it been a few hours?  Was this a nosy neighbour sticking their beak in or had there been a number of reported incidents leading up to this arrest and conviction?

Blognonymous : I Just Want A Child

This post was submitted to me within the ethos of Blognonymous.  This post will strike a chord with many readers and the author explains that she has used the Blognonymous outlet because it is hard to find someone to talk to who isn't connected to work.  This post is more for moral support than finding the magic cure.  Please feel free to offer your invaluable support, advice and even personal experiences in the comments section.  There is a "guest comment" facility if you prefer - sign out of Disqus and you will see "guest" appear as an option.


There is an industrial estate around the corner from us.  Part of the fence next to the entrance is a permanent shrine to a young lad who was the victim of a knife attack on that spot about four years ago.

The "shrine" is well maintained - there are always fresh flowers, a football scarf, messages, cards... but I can never understand why someone would want to remember the place of death rather than have a "nice" place to go.

Bacon, Sausage, Egg (Toast Optional)

*beep be-be-beep. beep be-be-beep*
Text: gonna b late i will make ma own tea

Who would play you in a film?

On Saturday evening I caught sight of a tweet from @MumsTheBoss.  She mentioned that her other half expected Colin Firth, Hugh Grant or Sean Connery to play him in a hypothetical film of his life.  Then @IceMaidenCakes chipped in saying that her choice was Sid James and Hattie Jaques, as her own life sometimes resembled a Carry On film!  Kev and I liken ourselves to many a famous couple; Roseanne & Dan Connor or Barbara & Jim Royle ring the most true and this cartoon has been pinned to my notice board for about nine years now:

Old enough to be their Mother...

You see a blog post entitled "I still would" and you know automatically what it is going to be about, don't you?  So when I saw Heather publish her "I still would" list I nipped over for a quick perv.  Each to their own and all that, but as I gallop towards my 40th year on this planet there is no way that I am going to admit to fancying anyone old enough to be my father even if she has picked a couple of stonking pictures.

Forewarned is forearmed.  You've all seen my "Schwing" post which is as far as it goes for older men for me but I think that one of those can make a return appearance in this list.  Here is a list of manboys that I'd spit on a tissue for do it for me.
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