There is an industrial estate around the corner from us.  Part of the fence next to the entrance is a permanent shrine to a young lad who was the victim of a knife attack on that spot about four years ago.

The "shrine" is well maintained - there are always fresh flowers, a football scarf, messages, cards... but I can never understand why someone would want to remember the place of death rather than have a "nice" place to go.

 For instance, I couldn't go to bed number 12 on Ward 18 of the hospital where Mum died. I have to visit the graveyard where she is buried. And to be honest, I wouldn't want to visit the place where she died. It's like not allowing yourself to come to terms with what has happened.

Do you ever see "shrines" like this? I have noticed a trend of tying flowers to the lamp post where a fatal accident happened.  I can sort-of understand the initial laying of flowers at the scene but not for months, or even years, afterwards. What benefit does it have for people who have to view that every single day?  Does it serve as a reminder or a distraction?