If it's not hanging off then it's not broken!

There's an old saying when you are a child of the Seventies:
"If you fall off there and break your leg, don't come running to me!"
I may have taken my harsh form of parenting one step too far back in 2006 on a day trip out to Blackpool:
"Your arm is sore?  Oh, stop moaning.  It's not hanging off, is it?  We'll go and get an ice cream."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

The older two had been known to encourage the dare-devil younger child to participate in rather extreme antics in the past.  This time it involved them both throwing themselves, in unison, onto one side of the see-saw whilst he hung onto the other side of the see-saw.  Rocket launching a  7 year old is fun, right?  I heard yelling and shouting and the three of them came back over to where I was sat with a couple of friends.  Two of them were rather sheepish and one was holding his arm.
What's up with your arm, Jake? 
*he points* They threw me off the see-saw.  My arm hurts. 
*two other children interject* He asked us to do it, Mum! 
*knowing that he regularly played the victim* Your arm is sore?  Oh, stop moaning.  We'll go and get an ice cream.  Oh, look... some trampolines.  Do you want a go on those?  I'm sure that'll make your arm better.
So I paid for him to go on the trampolines and then bought some ice creams.  We sat on the park chatting to my friends with the children run around a bit.  We continued with our picnic and all was well again.  We even took a trip down to the beach for a bit of a paddle.  Lets just have a quick look at the day in picture form:

aaawww look at him bouncing around on the trampoline

A quick family shot whilst walking round the lake

Knee deep in sewerage under Central Pier, Blackpool.

We drove home, slightly sun-kissed, a little tired but generally happy, especially after winning about £8.42 in two-pence pieces in the arcades on the way back to the car park.  We bought fish and chips for tea.  Once we got home, I started to get ready for an evening of bingo, whilst recounting the events of the day to my husband.

I went to bingo with my husband, had a few pints but I didn't win any money.  I returned home and sitting on the sofa was a seven year-old boy who should have been in bed.  It was now about 10.30pm
Why aren't you in bed? 
My arm hurts and I can't lift it up to get my pyjama top on.  It's hurting at my elbow now. 
Kev, come and have a look at his arm. 
Frigging nora, Nic, look at it! It's all twisted.  You're going to have to take him to the hospital.
I rang a taxi and trundled up to the local A&E department, scoffing mints during the journey to ensure that my breath didn't stink of lager.  Whilst sat in the waiting room, now completely sober, I thought back to the events of the day.  Shall we re-examine the pictures?
  • Picture 1: Is he holding his arm?
  • Picture 2: Again, supporting his arm?
  • Picture 3: Does his left arm look a little bit twisted?

We got home from the hospital at around 3.40am.  Yes, it was broken at the elbow.  I am still guilt-stricken to this day but I bet you can't beat that one.  Bad Mother stripes?  Bring it on!