DO NOT tell the Twitter Queen how to use Twitter. Fact!

When I made the decision to blog and tweet in my own name I realised that there would be some people who didn't agree with my opinions, others that would really enjoy reading about the crap that I write about and that I would meet and converse with some bloody interesting people.  That's how the internet works.  In the same respect, I also realise that the World Wide Web and social media isn't static - just like real life, really.  I mean, if I still followed the same five people I followed when I first joined Twitter then Stephen Fry and Jonathan Ross would be a bit pissed off with me by now.  You have to speculate to accumulate.  You also have to do a bit of weeding to allow growing space.  You finally have to remember that you are at the mercy of computer programmes who seem to have a mind of their own.

So, when I logged onto Twitter this lunch time I was VERY surprised to read the following:

@nickie72 BYE nickle I am unfollowing you, I hope you can read this, but thats whaT ONE GETS FOR UNFOLLOWING 
[tweet exactly as it appears - complete with my name spelt incorrectly and angry capital letters]
Oooohhhhhhhhhh MATRON!
Oh yes, I retweeted it.  Not to get attention, but to show how precious people can be about communication in the public arena that is social networking.

The Twitterverse spoke:
  • Funniest Tweet Ever
  • Blimey.  I may have to unfollow you to see what happens but only until 9.29 on Friday
  • bit scary, isn't it?
  • Seems a bit of a 'tit' anyway
  • A stalker? You have officially made it!
  • oh my, who's upset you? I wouldn't EVER! Don't they know who you are?
  • I don't get it. I'm always following and unfollowing different people.  I'd never take an unfollowing as a slight.
and so on and so on...

Regardless of whether I physically did actually unfollow this person or not (the Twitter programme randomly unfollows people without our knowledge from time to time to keep us on our toes), the fact still remains that she tried to call me out in public about it.  She also asked what was the point of speaking to someone who doesn't reply.  Yes, this is me she is referring to!  She is still sending me @ messages on Twitter even though she apparently "takes no prisoners where unfollowers are concerned".

Fucking get over yourself, love!

(She's still getting my name wrong too.  How rude!)

Names shall not be mentioned on here but if you would like to check my Twitter feed to see how this all panned out then I'm sure you will find it very entertaining.  I am not about to dictate who uses Twitter, or how, so afford me the same courtesy.

Lots of love
Official Twitter Queen 2011