Old enough to be their Mother...

You see a blog post entitled "I still would" and you know automatically what it is going to be about, don't you?  So when I saw Heather publish her "I still would" list I nipped over for a quick perv.  Each to their own and all that, but as I gallop towards my 40th year on this planet there is no way that I am going to admit to fancying anyone old enough to be my father even if she has picked a couple of stonking pictures.

Forewarned is forearmed.  You've all seen my "Schwing" post which is as far as it goes for older men for me but I think that one of those can make a return appearance in this list.  Here is a list of manboys that I'd spit on a tissue for do it for me.

* * *

Mark Salling
(Puck from Glee)
~ age 28 ~

Olly Murs
(X-Factor - series 6)
~ age 26 ~

Danny Jones
~ age 24 ~

Ashley Banjo
~ age 22 ~

David Henrie
(Justin from Wizards of Waverly Place)
~ age 21 ~