Drop That E

A while back, I had a bit of a reminisce about the rave years.  

There's a certain generation that enjoyed that type of music the first time around (I sound so old when I say that) but have you ever stopped to wonder why?  Could it be because the children's programmes of the 1970's were feeding it into us at a young age?

Have a look here.  What do you think?

Drop That E

It's not a spoof either.  You'll find it mentioned on the Beeb's own Cult pages!! 


Soundtrack To My Life - Alyssia

soundtrack to my life
I feel SO old when I hear some of the stories behind Alyssia's Soundtrack To My Life but I also love how different the genres are for her song choices.  Alyssia is studying Film and Television at University and as well as chronicling her life on her blog she's also really into nails, nail polish and nail design.  A woman after my own heart! Links are at the end of the post but for now, it's over to Alyssia...


Busted - Year 3000

This song reminds me of being in Primary school. When I was in my later years (5 + 6) the school came up with something to reward us for good behavior. It was called 'Golden Time' it lasted for the final hour of the day on every Friday. And if you misbehaved during the week you got time knocked off of 'Golden Time' of course I was a goody goody and always got my full hour. Anyway, during this time we could basically play and do whatever. What me and my friends liked to do was go into the hall and play music and have a sort of mini-disco. Busted had just became popular and Year 3000 was our favourite song. We used to do 'Busted Jumps' of off the stairs... how tragic.

Lionel Richie - Endless Love 

This song reminds me of singing karaoke horrifically with my dad on holiday in Greece. YIKES! In fact that year was the worst holiday we had ever had because the hotel was horrific, but we managed to make the best of it and did the karaoke every night it was on!

Fall Out Boy - Sugar we're Going Down 

I went to see Fall Out Boy in concert and this sticks out in my mind because it was the first concert I went to without my mum or dad. I went with a friend and we got driven by someone we knew from work. He drove us up to some gates (that turned out to be the wrong entrance) and the guy took one look at us and said. 'Fallout Boy concert?' and directed us round. We got relatively near the front. When they were singing this song Pete Wentz jumped down to the barrier and was reaching out into the audience. I could almost touch him. It was amazing.

Nickelback - Never Gonna Be Alone 

This is the song that me and my ex-fiancé chose to be our 'anthem'. Basically because I was in love with him from when we first met in secondary school, but it took him 6 years to say he loved me. So when he finally did we felt like nothing in the world could keep us apart. Unfortunately it wasn't meant to be, the less said about that the better. Every time I hear it I tear up a little.

Psy - Gangnam Style

This song reminds me of all my amazing university friends, whenever it comes on we get up and dance to it, and I can't hear it without laughing at the memory of our horrible dancing to this song on my birthday. It was literally just me and my best friend on an empty dance floor, doing Gangnam style in front of a bunch of sober people staring at us. Best night ever.


soundtrack to my lifeHave a read of Alyssia's personal blog here, or her nail blog here and catch her on Twitter as @Alyssia_Rose.

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A Final Thank You

Race for Life final total

Earlier this year I took part in two Race For Life events to raise money for Cancer Research UK.  My daughter joined me for the first one (in Blackburn) and my sister in law joined me for the second one (in Manchester).  

On Monday 30th September my online donation page officially closes 
but just have a look at the total raised.

(plus £144.88 in Gift Aid)

YOU did that.  Every single person who donated can be assured that your money is going towards developments and research to help beat cancer - a disease which affects more than 1 in 3 of us.

So, from Rachel, Trish and myself

Here's to next year!

THIS Is What A Mental Patient Looks Like

Margaret Mead Quote

Yesterday the internet was buzzing with outrage and anger over the fact that Asda felt it appropriate to name a Halloween costume "Mental Patient".  Since the furore across Twitter and Facebook, Asda have removed the item from their online store and have pledged a £25,000 donation to the mental health charity, MIND. It has also been reported that similarly named fancy dress/Halloween costumes have been removed from other online outlets such as Tesco and eBay.  

Paths have been created to right some wrongs but it still doesn't go anyway to understanding how someone in an influential creative marketing and digital team considered using those particular words to advertise seasonal clothing was a good idea.  

Doesn't it feel as though they have glossed over the Time To Change campaign and ignored the fact that many people are ashamed of the stigma attached to mental illness?  Translate that train of thought into another illness and see if you still agree.  As many people mused last night : What's next?  A cancer patient costume?

On the Radio 2 Facebook page news article update there were a number of viewpoints but it angers me even more when I see that one person has put his day on pause to add this little nugget to the conversation:  If I wanted to be educated about mental health issues I'd become a mental health professional...  He also went on to conduct some minor trolling on other comments but it's exactly this attitude and mindset of the staff members at places like Asda, Tesco, eBay, Amazon et al that tries to justify the thought pattern for this sales pitch in the first place.

Two of my favourite films are Girl, Interrupted and Crazy People.  Both address the issue of mental health but in very different ways. They have found the reality or the humour in the subject without overstepping the mark.  As my friend Vix says, it's all about the connotations of words.  We don't use the word 'spastic' any more yet the supportive agency for that disability used to be called The Spastic Society.  Similarly, she asks is 'mad' more acceptable than 'crazy' or 'lunatic' and points out that there is a generation of people who hear the name 'Joey' and don't immediately think of  the programme Friends but of Joey Deacon.and accompany it with a 'belm' face.

So, to redress the balance I asked a few people for their thoughts and experiences of mental health.  THIS is what a mental patient looks like...

This is my husband.  I linked to his struggle to access the correct support and mediation yesterday.  The battle is still ongoing and it hangs over us every single day.  A medical professional once told him that he was an 41 year old man and he should "pull himself together".  A few days later he attempted to take his own life. We continue to work through highs and lows but sometimes there are no signs for forewarnings that his mood is about to change.

Clare tells me that she has looked after her mum since she was 11 years old.  Her mum's crippling depression meant that there were days when she wouldn't get out of bed so Clare was left to look after her younger brother, clean the house, ensure they both attended school and cook the evening meal.  She did it because it's what you do when you love someone.  In more recent times, Clare's husband has had a nervous breakdown and he wasn't allowed to be alone with their baby girl as his moods were so unpredictible and Clare had to make the decision whether to section him or not.

Linda concedes that she laughed at first but then remembered that someone close to her had a condition whose name makes people physically recoil because they think it makes them violent when that's not really the whole story.  Had her friend been able to ask for help sooner, they may never have got as ill as they did.

Jo has various family members who have suffered from mental health illnesses and knows that there is little or no support out there.  Her friend hanged herself a couple of years ago after suffering from severe PND. Everyone knew she was struggling and tried to help but her case hadn't been picked up by the professionals. Her brother was released from an institution and left to return home with no wallet or money as he'd had nothing with him when he was sectioned.  They didn't even provide him with bus fare to get home.  He cannot cope on his own since being released but there is no support available to guide him. Her mother and sister have also had incidents that have required intervention but have been left to cope with it in their own way.  Jo has her own theories about mental health which are based around relationships, social interaction and hormonal balance and incorporating the very driven society we live in today.  This is something that I totally agree with and is why I believe that there cannot be a 'one size fits all' checklist when assessing an individual.

Kirsty thinks that it's important to challenge stereotypes surrounding mental health and break down the taboo.  It can be challenging for those without experience of mental health issues to understand a somewhat invisible illness.

Rachel acknowledges the difficulty in finding employment after you admit to having a mental illness and suggests that it can be extremely difficult to continue to hold down a regular job or undertake a stressful role if you require regular time away from your employment.

Merry admits that she didn't find the product offensive.  She definitely believes that it was ill-advised and symptomatic of commercialisation and the expense of decency.  She also suggests that to find the positive in such a negative atmosphere is that she imagines many people immediately saying, "That's not even close to real" and has definitely got us all talking about mental health.

Linda believes that it's really important to teach children that we can be ill mentally as well as physically. Those who suffer from mental illnesses need just as much care, consideration and sympathy as anyone with a physical malady.  She wouldn't want her children to be raised with a negative or disrespectful view of mental health.

And there are many, many more opinions, thoughts and feelings.  These are just a few.  Clara, Julie and Rachel have all written their own posts about Asda's definition of a mental patient too. You can also find a mental health therapist near you.

As with many diseases, mental illness has no prejudice.  It doesn't care whether it affects the rich or the poor, the week or the strong.  It envelopes you and becomes all consuming.  Does this make you think differently now?

The quote at the top of the page was sent in by @SoFabUK.  Very fitting, isn't it?


What Does A Mental Patient Look Like?

mental health patient costume
Is it like this?

Asda seem to think so.

At the time of writing they are advertising this Halloween costume for the bargain price of £20!

There is a pathway to production and whilst there is nothing actually wrong with this as a costume, I cannot find a point in that process where someone suggested that this was marketed as a "Mental Patient" costume with other people on the marketing team agreeing. This is not a decision that was made by just one person regardless of what Asda representatives will say during the aftermath (no pun intended).

The webpage that is was open for orders was very carefully managed as the title does not reflect the browser tab title which reads "Zombie Fancy Dress Costume | Men | George at Asda".  That I can accept. Or "Horror Butcher" or "Abatoir Worker" (you can see why I don't work in a creative team that considers names for products, can't you?).  But this is unacceptable.

Does this complete the hat trick?  The "incitement to rape" t-shirts, the padded bra for children and now this?

Is this funny, misjudged or intentionally created to cause outrage?  Or are we all missing some kind of attempt at sick humour?  Let me know what you think in the comments?  

Asda Mental Patient Costume
Original link :

PS.  Here's my own experience with mental health.  Couple that with a bout of post-natal depression and you go some way to understanding why this angers me so much.

PPS.  Hat tip to @violetfenn and @paulamaher for tweeting the link out and bringing it to so my attention.


The item was removed from website at 10pm on 25.09.13

Just before 11pm Asda tweeted the following:

Offence?  Unacceptable error?
Closing the stable door after the horse has bolted?

You might like to go and read this now:
THIS is what a mental patient looks like...


6 Ways To Customise The Home For The Kids

For most of us, designing a house is a very adult, and very individual process. This is to say, we choose features that we ourselves want in our homes, in an effort to design the perfect environment. But for parents, additional considerations come into play. It's important when building or designing a home to construct an environment that your kids will not only feel comfortable in, but grow to love. So with that in mind, here are 6 features to consider including in your home, purely for the benefit of your children!

1. Secret Rooms
A few secret rooms or compartments can thrill a young child to no end, so get creative if you're making additions to your home. It could be as simple as a closet with a door designed to blend in, or it could be something as elaborate as a small room - and indoor clubhouse of sorts - built into a child's room.

tree house
2. Tree House
Speaking of clubhouses, the tree house might be the gold standard of unique kid features that make home feel like home. However, this isn't as easy as popular cartoons would have us believe - you'll probably want to hire a carpenter to professionally design a sturdy, and amazing tree house.

3. Special Beds
One of the quickest and easiest ways to give your children special features within your home is to let them pick out their own, special beds. Dreams Beds has some great options for kids, including bunk beds, race car frames, Spider-Man and princess themes, etc.

4. Playroom
The playroom, or "bonus room," is essential in any household with children. But it's important not to go half-way with this idea. Go to ToysRUs to stock up on toys, put in a soft carpet the kids can roll around with, pain the walls their favourite colours, etc. The point of this room is that it belongs to the kids, so let them have a say in the design!

5. Secret Passage
This is a bit trickier to work in, but if you're building a home from scratch, or have a say in basic design, work in a secret passage. It could simply be a gap from one attic to another, a hidden stairwell from the basement to the family room, etc. And then, don't tell your kids about it! They'll discover it eventually, and it will be an adventure.

6. Instant Hot Water
This may sound like a strange idea related to children, but an instant hot water tap in the kitchen can be the source of endless enjoyment, in the form of hot cocoa! Kids can't be bothered to microwave milk or heat up hot chocolate in more elaborate ways, but mixing powder with instant hot water is easy and delicious.

This is a sponsored post.  Please see my disclosure policy for more details.


Getting To Know Me with #OneWord

It's hard to refuse Tara when she sends out such lovely emails with great ideas.  She's always coming up with ingenious ways to connect bloggers with photography or video and this latest venture really got me thinking.

I hate photographs of myself.  I am not in the slightest bit photogenic but there is the odd time that my 'good side' is caught.  The request was to provide a black and white picture of yourself holding up a word which you think describes you so that everyone gets to see a little bit of the blogger behind the blog. 

What would your #oneword be?  Let me know in the comments or feel free to take your own picture and join in.  There's a link-up on Tara's blog where you can see all the other pictures.

And just in case you don't know what I look like, here's my picture and the word I chose to describe me.  Mixing old and new, just like I do on the blog...


Please Don't Stop The Music

The Tube - Paula Yates & Jules Holland
Whilst watching Rewind The Tube on Channel 4 I was transported back to a world that doesn't exist any more. One where proper music programmes featured the music of the now rather than a Möbius band of music videos presented in a themed show.  Just to prove a point to myself, I cruised the music channels on the satellite channels and found Power Ballads Heaven, VH1 Loves Justin Timberlake, The Hottest Girls in Pop and The Heat Hotlist on the first page of listings. Most of it makes me want to heave.

Top of the Pops logo, 1980s
I would have saved my pocket money for a couple of weeks, then gone to Woolworths in the town centre and bought a single that I'd heard and liked. The week after I'd be glued to Top of the Pops on Thursday to see if my purchase had helped it up the charts at all.  None of this "straight in at number one or it's a flop" malarkey.

It was an era when vinyl was King, cassette tape was Queen (see what I did there?) and bringing up the rear were picture discs and coloured discs.  A time when taping the best songs of the week off the radio was a skill (god bless the double cassette players for 'mixing') even though you were vaguely aware it was illegal. 

And it looks like I'm not the only one to remember this era fondly.  I mentioned this on Facebook whilst Rewind The Tube was on and a few of my friends shared their memories too.  As Claire points out, there aren't any real children's Saturday morning programmes any more either.  No way to get up close and personal with your favourite singer by sending in a question or entering a competition to win a hoard of music related prizes.  Who remembers Matt Bianco being called a "bunch of wankers" or (my beloved) Five Star being asked "Why are you so fucking crap?"? 

(or click here - set to start at 1 minute in)

The last show I remember that was structured this way was was SM:TV.  Is there anything today that allows a fan to get that type of connection with their group of the moment or is music too changeable and disposable?  Is it all about downloads, X-Factor and fifteen minute's worth of fame, with Cowell syphoning off a huge percentage?  Is there any way to get past the time that needs filling on our 24/7 television or the infinite pages on the internet? 

My children are caught between a world of having vinyl and cassettes as a listening medium in the house alongside their CD's and digital downloads.  But my grandchildren will have known nothing other than virtual listening and music videos on a continuous loop.  

And if everything can change so drastically over twenty-five years, what does the next twenty-five years hold?

The Big Cheese, Episode 4

The Big Cheese had a bit of a hiatus last week (nothing at all to do with scheduling hiccups... oh no) but it gave me plenty of time to write some more questions for the team to answer at the next recording.

The Big Cheese is recorded exclusively for Preston FM.  You can listen live by tuning in to 103.2FM in the Preston area or via TuneIn   But, just in case you were busy on Monday, here's the MixCloud upload for you to listen to.  I hope you enjoy it.

Don't forget, you can keep up with the show on Facebook or follow the live tweets on Twitter by searching for #BigCheeseQuiz.

Soundtrack To My Life - Yvonne

soundtrack to my life
Yvonne has been patiently waiting in the Soundtrack To My Life wings for a while.  Her foodie blog isn't your usual read as it incorporates interviews, family history alongside plenty of cooking chat.   When you read Yvonne's choices and stories, imagine them told as I do, with a Southern drawl.  She's also got a great tenuous connection to one of the singers in her choices.


Hank Williams - Your Cheatin' Heart and Elvis Presley - I want to be your Teddy Bear

I shared a room with my older sister in the fifties. Hank Williams, the father of modern music had only been dead by a few years. Elvis Presley just hit the scene. She had both of their photos hanging in our room. I wrote once: "Somewhere between Hank and Elvis you will find me standing there, lost between the pages of time..."

Billie Holiday - God Bless the Child 

Back in the time you decorated your home, particularly the living/sitting room around the radio. You had to place it in the right spot to stop all the static. Also it would be able to pick up the Grand Ole Opry on a clear Saturday night. My older sister and I had to stay home and do some chores while my mother and the other kids went into town. I was a curious child by my nature and was strictly told by my mother NOT to touch the radio. Well, hehehe I did. It took me some time to get up the courage, and against my sisters wishes I moved the dial over to the next number. I will never forget the thrill of hearing her voice. I will also never forget the look on my mothers face when she walked in the door. I remembered not to touch that damn dial every time I sat... hehehe

Patsy Cline - I Fall to Pieces 

The song was written by Harlan Howard whom I met and became friends with years later as a journalist. Patsy Cline was special to me.. you see she is a home town girl... We are both from the same side of the mountains. She was born in Gore, VA and I was born in Whitepost, VA... We do not know her as Patsy, she is just Ginny to us... she made me realize that yes I could be whatever I wanted to be.

Buddy Holly - That Will be the Day 

A decent prelude to the invasion of a British group called "The Beatles" Buddy, really brought it all home in the rock and roll early days, far more to me than that Elvis fellow. The Beatles finished it off with "In My Life" you see after that it was Jimi Hendrix, he was not bad but I was not an all out fan of his. Music changed to fast, and I was to busy with history.

Queen - We Are the Champions 

I was living in Germany at that time and gave birth to my son. I was not supposed to have children so when that song was released it became something special. That song went on to be one of their greatest and my son, well he is my greatest.


soundtrack to my lifeCall in at Olive's Place and settle down in a comfortable homely place where there's plenty of cooking and family history.  You can also keep in touch on Facebook or follow Yvonne/Olive on Twitter as @biotales.

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If you met Kevin Bacon would you ask him...

Kevin Bacon
  1. Hey Kev, when's Footloose 2 coming out?
  2. Hey Kev, what's in the shed?
  3. Something else?

Ever the comedians, here is what my Social Media Massive had to say.

Hey Kev, how much did EE pay you?
Hey Kev, do you like bacon?
Hey Kev, can you still do the Footloose dance?
Hey Kev, can I touch you? (slightly worried about this one)
Hey Kev, how old are you?
Hey Kev, was it really not a good day to die?
Hey Kev, does it hurt your soul when they make you quote TOWIE?
Hey Kev, why have you not starred in any Tremors sequels?
Hey Kev, red sauce, brown sauce or no sauce at all?
Hey Kev, what happened to your career?
Hey Kev, has anyone ever made a sculpture of you out of bacon?
Hey Kev, what do you want to say to Bernie Madoff?
Hey Kev, was it good being invisible?
Hey Kev, how many good men does it take to make 'a few'?
Hey Kev, why was your wife's series taken off the air and why is it now called a different name?

And here's my question:

Hey Kev, what do you think our Bacon number is?

Will someone from my people get in touch with his people and sort it out?  Maybe they could say "Hey Kev, will you answer the questions?"...  Wouldn't it be awesome if he did?

Thanks to Kelly, Vinny, Lisa, Jodie, K-Shizzle, Bob, Louise, Neil, Simon, Ian, Sarah, Clare, Martin and anyone else I forgot to mention.


Michael Parkinson Is Really Doing My Head In...

Whenever I see Michael Parkinson on *that* life insurance advert he makes me want to ram the Parker pen right up his arse.

He mentions that people ask him what his most favourite interview is and he's very reluctant to answer however, if you ask him who his 'worst interviewee' was then he doesn't hold back in saying "Meg Ryan".

And we all remember The Worse Ever Interview In The History Of Interviews With Meg Ryan, don't we?

Or do we?

Why don't you rewatch it?

You back?  Ok then...

Everything seems hunky dory until about 2 minutes in.  I don't see much awkwardness apart from a little bit of closed body language which indicates nervousness.  Ryan seems amiable, is engaged in the conversation and quite humorous. 

Then Lord Michael of Parkinson attempts to engage her in a conversation that would see her discrediting journalists (for which he is one and we find out that she trained as one, but never graduated).  He uses leading questions and is very abrasive.  The question that tips the interview on its head is "Now that you're wary of journalists, does it give you an insight into what they are after?"

Did this become "the worst interview of Parky's career" because he made us believe it was?  Translate that question into something that you failed at or never completed because life took you down a different path and try to answer it. 

However, to finish on a positive note, the stand-out response in this interview is:
"Sometimes your life seems to choose you a little bit." 
Wise words, Ms Ryan, wise words.

PS.  I'm linking this up to Tanya's Ranty Friday. Go and have a read of what is pissing everyone else off this week!


The Gallery : Selfie

About three years ago, TaraLara set a theme of "self portrait" for The Gallery and I very cleverly avoided posting a picture of myself. I am a confident person but I have spent most of my teenage and adult life avoiding the camera lens.  I have never been comfortable with the way I look and don't have a very photogenic face.  I'm not at all sure how to smile properly either.  

However, I have come to accept that this is the way that I look and it's not going to change any time soon. I have started finding the confidence to put my own picture on my social media accounts.  You have no idea what a huge move forward this is. 

<> I have recently found a hairstyle that I totally love and should have had the confidence to go for it sooner. 
<> I now wear contact lenses most of the time but I also have a pair of glasses that suit my face shape.
<> I'm working on my body shape and accepting that I will probably never be as svelte as I used to be.  
<> I am learning how to wear clothes properly.

Nickie O'HaraI'm not a massive fan of the 'selfie' (taking a picture of yourself - usually on a mobile device) and my social media timelines are littered with egotistical snaps. However, the reason I'm joining in with The Gallery (get clicky to see more) this week (on a week where I would normally run in the opposite direction) is because recently I have received some lovely compliments and it's time to start listening. Also, a couple of people have shown disbelief when I have told them my age (41 and bloody proud of it, if you're interested).  

I wonder if this change in self-belief has something to do with the fact that I am finally achieving in my life? I'm enjoying new challenges at work, I am fulfilling a life-long dream with the radio show and I have taken the pressure off by putting my degree on hold in favour of studying for a teaching qualification through work.  If you're comfortable in your own skin then surely that's going to shine out, isn't it?

So, this is me...


Recipe : Roasted Tomato And Pepper Pasta Sauce

Roasted Tomato And Pepper Pasta Sauce, recipe
Last week I had some time off work and went to visit my dad.  He showed me some produce from his garden and greenhouse and we discussed how our allotment has been more about renovation rather than cultivation this year.  He presented me with some tomatoes and peppers to take home.  I wanted to try something different with them and I was thinking about lunches for work this week so here is my (experimental but very successful) roasted tomato and pepper pasta sauce.


6 tomatoes from my dad's garden (you'll have to find your own dad, or your own garden or your own tomatoes)
A handful of cherry tomatoes
2 sweet green peppers from my dad's garden (ditto above)
1 green bell pepper from my dad's garden (you get the drift...)
1 red onion
1 teaspoon of garlic granules (or 2 fresh cloves of garlic, chopped finely)
2 teaspoons of basil
2 teaspoons of oregano
a splash of sunflower oil


Roasted Tomato And Pepper Pasta Sauce
Chop everything up!  I sliced the onions and the peppers (keeping the seeds in), quartered the large tomatoes and halved the cherry tomatoes
Place the veg in a roasting tin, sprinkle on the herbs and throw in a dash of sunflower oil.

Get in with your hands and mix everything up until it is all covered with the sunflower oil

Cook on Gas 7 / 220 C / 425 F for about 45 minutes

Leave to cool for about half an hour and then blitz in a food processor until you have a chunky sauce

Molto gustoso!  I know that second picture doesn't do it any justice however it tastes amazing!  I will be having this warmed up with pasta during the week but I bet it tastes just as good with some crusty garlic bread.  Don't forget, this is completely fantastic if you're vegetarian too.  

Let me know if you try it.


If you had an extra hour, what would you do with it?

alarm clock | Christopher Harrison | Flickr

The hardest thing to do is "nothing".  When was the last time you did "nothing"?

If I could give you the gift of one hour, how would you use that time? You cannot travel anywhere because that would use precious minutes. You cannot spend any money, you can only use what is to hand and you will not be interrupted. 

I wrote once before about what I would do if I had an hour to myself. I said that I would switch everything off and lie on the floor. I would attempt to listen to the silence but I know that would never happen. There is always noise around me; the whirring of computers or printers, the sound of chattering, the television or radio, cars driving past, birds tweeting. When was the last time you heard "nothing"?

I have plenty of opportunity to do "nothing" but there is always "something" that needs doing.  At home there are chores, at work there are tasks, in between there are the car journeys or mundane responsibilities that need completing. Earlier this week I was in a coffee house, blowing the froth on my coffee believing that it would cool it down just enough to sip.  I was checking my phone for emails, snatching a scroll through Facebook and pondering whether to return one of the missed calls from earlier.  I had my space to do "nothing" but the noise and people around me forced me to make it look like I was doing "something".

So humour me.  Tell me what you'd do with you free extra hour if I gifted it to you.  Don't think about anyone else or those little jobs that need doing.  What would YOU do?

Photo Credit: Christopher Harrison | Flickr


The Big Cheese, Episode 3

Yes, folks, it's your weekly reminder about Preston FM's most excellent quiz show, The Big Cheese (which I just happen to host).  You can really hear us settling in the show and injecting some humour.  I'm also collecting some 'after the watershed' out-takes which will be shared exclusively on this blog at the end of the series.

Now I know you were listening live on Monday but, just in case you were really busy then here is your chance to listen on MixCloud.  If you haven't heard it before then stick it on in the background and let me know if you enjoy the show.

Don't forget, you can keep up with the show on Facebook or follow the live tweets on Twitter by searching for #BigCheeseQuiz.

Soundtrack To My Life - Jo

soundtrack to my life
It's a delight to introduce Jo to participate on Soundtrack To My Life this week.  She has been blogging since taking part in a project called "Fish Is The Dish" and has continued to grow her blog.  Here are Jo's tunes for you to enjoy - she's chosen a couple of my forgotten favourites too.


Guns & Roses - Patience 

Hubster made me a compilation when we first got together and this was on it. That was 17 years ago & it has stuck with me, we were both just out of serious relationships and just looking for a bit of fun...

The Wannadies - You and Me

I worked in the Music & Video department at John Menzies and this song reminds me of club nights out in those days.

The Pointer Sisters - Jump

This song was on the first album I ever bought and it always transports me back to my 10 year old 'pink' bedroom!

Bon Jovi - Never Say Goodbye

This album featured heavily as a teenager & many a drunken night walking home was spent singing this song at top of our voices!

Aretha Franklin - Respect



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