Michael Parkinson And *THAT* Interview With Meg Ryan

Whenever I see Michael Parkinson on *that* life insurance advert he makes me want to ram the Parker pen right up his arse.

He mentions that people ask him what his most favourite interview is and he's very reluctant to answer however, if you ask him who his 'worst interviewee' was then he doesn't hold back in saying "Meg Ryan".

And we all remember The Worse Ever Interview In The History Of Interviews With Meg Ryan, don't we?

Or do we?

Why don't you rewatch it?

You back?  Ok then...

Everything seems hunky dory until about 2 minutes in.  I don't see much awkwardness apart from a little bit of closed body language which indicates nervousness.  Ryan seems amiable, is engaged in the conversation and quite humorous. 

Then Lord Michael of Parkinson attempts to engage her in a conversation that would see her discrediting journalists (for which he is one and we find out that she trained as one, but never graduated).  He uses leading questions and is very abrasive.  The question that tips the interview on its head is "Now that you're wary of journalists, does it give you an insight into what they are after?"

Did this become "the worst interview of Parky's career" because he made us believe it was?  Translate that question into something that you failed at or never completed because life took you down a different path and try to answer it. 

However, to finish on a positive note, the stand-out response in this interview is:
"Sometimes your life seems to choose you a little bit." 
Wise words, Ms Ryan, wise words.

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