6 Ways To Customise The Home For The Kids

For most of us, designing a house is a very adult, and very individual process. This is to say, we choose features that we ourselves want in our homes, in an effort to design the perfect environment. But for parents, additional considerations come into play. It's important when building or designing a home to construct an environment that your kids will not only feel comfortable in, but grow to love. So with that in mind, here are 6 features to consider including in your home, purely for the benefit of your children!

1. Secret Rooms
A few secret rooms or compartments can thrill a young child to no end, so get creative if you're making additions to your home. It could be as simple as a closet with a door designed to blend in, or it could be something as elaborate as a small room - and indoor clubhouse of sorts - built into a child's room.

tree house
2. Tree House
Speaking of clubhouses, the tree house might be the gold standard of unique kid features that make home feel like home. However, this isn't as easy as popular cartoons would have us believe - you'll probably want to hire a carpenter to professionally design a sturdy, and amazing tree house.

3. Special Beds
One of the quickest and easiest ways to give your children special features within your home is to let them pick out their own, special beds. Dreams Beds has some great options for kids, including bunk beds, race car frames, Spider-Man and princess themes, etc.

4. Playroom
The playroom, or "bonus room," is essential in any household with children. But it's important not to go half-way with this idea. Go to ToysRUs to stock up on toys, put in a soft carpet the kids can roll around with, pain the walls their favourite colours, etc. The point of this room is that it belongs to the kids, so let them have a say in the design!

5. Secret Passage
This is a bit trickier to work in, but if you're building a home from scratch, or have a say in basic design, work in a secret passage. It could simply be a gap from one attic to another, a hidden stairwell from the basement to the family room, etc. And then, don't tell your kids about it! They'll discover it eventually, and it will be an adventure.

6. Instant Hot Water
This may sound like a strange idea related to children, but an instant hot water tap in the kitchen can be the source of endless enjoyment, in the form of hot cocoa! Kids can't be bothered to microwave milk or heat up hot chocolate in more elaborate ways, but mixing powder with instant hot water is easy and delicious.

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