What Does A Mental Patient Look Like?

mental health patient costume
Is it like this?

Asda seem to think so.

At the time of writing they are advertising this Halloween costume for the bargain price of £20!

There is a pathway to production and whilst there is nothing actually wrong with this as a costume, I cannot find a point in that process where someone suggested that this was marketed as a "Mental Patient" costume with other people on the marketing team agreeing. This is not a decision that was made by just one person regardless of what Asda representatives will say during the aftermath (no pun intended).

The webpage that is was open for orders was very carefully managed as the title does not reflect the browser tab title which reads "Zombie Fancy Dress Costume | Men | George at Asda".  That I can accept. Or "Horror Butcher" or "Abatoir Worker" (you can see why I don't work in a creative team that considers names for products, can't you?).  But this is unacceptable.

Does this complete the hat trick?  The "incitement to rape" t-shirts, the padded bra for children and now this?

Is this funny, misjudged or intentionally created to cause outrage?  Or are we all missing some kind of attempt at sick humour?  Let me know what you think in the comments?  

Asda Mental Patient Costume
Original link :

PS.  Here's my own experience with mental health.  Couple that with a bout of post-natal depression and you go some way to understanding why this angers me so much.

PPS.  Hat tip to @violetfenn and @paulamaher for tweeting the link out and bringing it to so my attention.


The item was removed from website at 10pm on 25.09.13

Just before 11pm Asda tweeted the following:

Offence?  Unacceptable error?
Closing the stable door after the horse has bolted?

You might like to go and read this now:
THIS is what a mental patient looks like...