If you had an extra hour, what would you do with it?

alarm clock | Christopher Harrison | Flickr

The hardest thing to do is "nothing".  When was the last time you did "nothing"?

If I could give you the gift of one hour, how would you use that time? You cannot travel anywhere because that would use precious minutes. You cannot spend any money, you can only use what is to hand and you will not be interrupted. 

I wrote once before about what I would do if I had an hour to myself. I said that I would switch everything off and lie on the floor. I would attempt to listen to the silence but I know that would never happen. There is always noise around me; the whirring of computers or printers, the sound of chattering, the television or radio, cars driving past, birds tweeting. When was the last time you heard "nothing"?

I have plenty of opportunity to do "nothing" but there is always "something" that needs doing.  At home there are chores, at work there are tasks, in between there are the car journeys or mundane responsibilities that need completing. Earlier this week I was in a coffee house, blowing the froth on my coffee believing that it would cool it down just enough to sip.  I was checking my phone for emails, snatching a scroll through Facebook and pondering whether to return one of the missed calls from earlier.  I had my space to do "nothing" but the noise and people around me forced me to make it look like I was doing "something".

So humour me.  Tell me what you'd do with you free extra hour if I gifted it to you.  Don't think about anyone else or those little jobs that need doing.  What would YOU do?

Photo Credit: Christopher Harrison | Flickr