Reviews and Sponsored Posts Explained

Reviews, advertorials and sponsored posts are always clearly marked.  I enjoy building relationships and creating interesting posts for my readers that generate reach for brands that I am proud to be associated with.  

Review posts are written by myself when a brand has provided a sample product to test in return for an honest opinion.  I will always include appropriate links (affiliate links will be clearly marked), provide a full review of the product with complimentary photographs (taken by myself or stock photos provided by the sponsor) and I will link to appropriate and relevant websites.  

Sponsored posts are articles that I have been paid to write and post on my blog.  I will only accept sponsored posts that relate to the ethos of the Typecast blog and its readers.

Advertorials are additional content that has been provided by a brand to promote their own product and that I have been paid to reproduce on my blog.  I retain full editorial control over text and images and will only post content that I believe is of interest to the readers of Typecast.

Giveaways and Competitions

Occasionally I will run a competition or giveaway for the same or similar item within a review post. All terms and conditions will be displayed on the individual post.  A full list of entrants and winners is available on request, where appropriate.  You can find out which giveaways are currently running by checking out the dedicated Giveaway page.


Comments on the Typecast blog are not pre-moderated, are encouraged to create discussion and to add to blog post content; relevant links are encouraged.  I reserve the right to moderate or remove comments that are defamatory, abusive, encourage hate of any description or are blatant spam.


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