Things I Learnt In February

It's been a short but eventful month so let's see what I've learnt in February...

Harry Potter, harry potter books, first edition,

If you mention that you have a few of your Harry Potter books are first editions, you get at least eighteen friends sending you links they have found that detail which copies are worth more than others. All very useful, and they were possibly hoping to be named as 'that friend who helped me find my fortune' although I think my copies are definitely not worth the $55,000 that some may be - possibly just £55 when all added together.  I might go and get them valued though.  What do you think?

The numbers on a telephone pad and the numbers on a computer keypad are opposite ways round and no-one seems to know why. I asked about it on my social media channels and there was not one definitive answer. If you have any theories then I'd love to know.

Bloggers are a valuable comodity but people will still try to take the piss out of them by under-valuing them and attempting to under-pay them so I had a huge rant about it where I compared the price of space on my blog with the price of a loaf of bread. It's probably the best analogy I've ever written and didn't want it wasting on an email that only one person would see so I blogged about it too.

First 20 Words Of Predictable Text
The 'First 20 Words Of Predictable Text' game is very very popular. Basically, you start to write a comment on (say) Facebook but only tap the middle button. I shared an image with instructions on my Facebook page and it's still going strong! Some are quite poetic however my two were "@ @ @ 5am I'm having a good place, bonkef a bit duggrref I'm not sure I have hiccups" which was quite random and "@ 5k but i do it myself for the kettlebell to be appearing on the details" which is bizarre as I've never used the word "kettlebell" on my phone or on social media until that exact moment. There were a lot of similar ones but they were all iPhone users so there's some sort of freaky control shit at large there!

An MRI scan last a fair bit longer than I thought and wasn't as noisy as anticipated. I also couldn't see much because they made me take my glasses off. I'm still not sure why because it was my knee that they were scanning...

My running family is still awesome. I've struggled with my running funk and injury over the past three months or so but I rejoined my local community Couch To 5K group and ran my first full 5K since last year thanks to two of my running buddies who, on the day, encouraged me to keep running when I was ready to give up. I'm still not sure what the future holds for me with my running journey because I really miss the guys I normally run with and I have no idea where I belong any more. It's a bit of a limbo period.

toastThis toast chart is dividing my friends even more than "the dress" or "the jacket".  I'm a definite 8 or 15 kinda girl.  What are you? There was also a theory that the dial on your toaster signifies the minutes that the toast cooks for. It's been debunked because... science.

Stationery Lovers has become a collaboration. I have joined forces with two great stationery nerds - Kirsty and Kara - and we are creating video content three times a week on our respective YouTube channels with a community building nicely on Facebook and Twitter. We have a theme each week and we're always grateful for any interaction and, of course, any theme suggestions.

A cat followed me on Instagram. It has made me question how much spare time other people actually have.

Here is my video of the month. It made me laugh like a drain and I'm placing the blame firmly on the guy jumping up and down on the left...

Fourteen elderly people on a seesaw. What could possibly go wrong?

Now it's your turn. Tell me what you learnt this month.


Comparing The Price of Blogging To The Price Of Bread

I try to balance the content of this blog with content that is worth reading. Any article that I have been paid to produce or publish is clearly disclosed and is only commissioned if relevant to the theme of this blog. I would say that approximately only 1 in 20 posts have any type of promotional material in them. 

A huge bone of contention with bloggers is having the placement of  'sponsored content' undervalued after we have worked hard to build an audience and continuously engage with them *whispers* some of us have been at this for years. Therefore, if an agent is approaching any blogger they must believe that they are going to add value to the reach of the proposed article/embedded links.

So... *deep breath* if someone emails me to ask if they can place their client's article on my website and it's been established that I they have budget to pay for this, I am completely within my right to be totally fucked off if they offer me 10% of my quoted rate.  Poor Laura was the latest in a long line of cheeky twats but when she attempted to sway me with an explanation of the quality of the content I actually found the end of my tether. Here's the email that I sent to Laura and will probably send out on a regular basis forthwith...

Well Laura, 
The quality of the content might be fabulous but then so is my blog - which is why you've approached me to host the content because you know it will reach a very wide audience. But let me ask you a question... would you go into your local shop and barter about the price of a loaf of bread?

bloggers, email, sponsored content, rant,
The bread is a well known brand and you know the content to be amazing but you think that the shopkeeper might just accept your offer of ​20p instead of the advertised price of £2. You wish hard and hope that you might save some of your hard earned money but, NO... the shopkeeper is adamant that he has to charge the price on the label simply because the price represents the quality of the ingredients used, the transportation of the bread to the shelf and the reputation of the bread. You cannot barter with him because you know that he will not change his mind.

You go to a shop a little bit nearer home and, LO AND BEHOLD, there is a loaf of bread that costs 20p. The packaging looks the same and you know that there will be bread on the inside. You pay 20p for this bread and run home with it. You open the bread and take a bite... alas, it does not look the same or taste the same. The bread is a horrible grey colour and a little bit of mould is forming on the edge of the crust. You remember that the rest of the shop had a bit of a tired look about it, there was dust on the shelves and shopkeeper wasn't quite as polite but was very keen to take your money.

You now know that every time you need to buy bread you will run past the second shop and go that extra mile to buy the fresh, gorgeous tasting bread that you wanted in the first place because your taste buds just salivate thinking about it. 
I hope this leaves you with pause for thought, a bit of respect for me as a blogger and that you have a great Tuesday.

Just think... she could have got all that creativity at a very reasonable price for her client!  

More thoughts:

This is an old discussion that continues to be examined. Don't get me wrong, I have worked with, and will continue to work with, amazing brands and agents and who know how to form a partnership with bloggers because they are completely on board with how influential they can be. What value you put on your work is up to you but I urge all bloggers to ensure they are being paid what they are worth.


F*ck It - Just Write...

I have recently come to the conclusion that I miss old school blogging and old school bloggers - and here's why. There's also an explanation at the end... 

Writing a blog post in 2002-2012:

  • Write
  • Publish
  • Go and experience life so you have something to write about next time
  • ... whenever that may be

Writing a blog post now:

  1. Make sure your RSS feed is working
  2. Have a lovely template so that your blog is nicely laid out
  3. ... and mobile responsive for your potential readers that might view on a phone or a tablet
  4. ... and your own domain name because any web address with .wordpress or .blogspot in it isn't to be trusted
  5. Create IFTTT recipes 'to make blog sharing easier'
  6. Think of an idea that is 'on trend'
  7. Write the article
  8. Ensure you have everything spelled correctly and that your grammar is on point
  9. Consider the rules of Search Engine Optimisation
  10. Re-write the article
  11. Find a nice image but don't tell anyone if you use one you found on a Google Image search
  12. Ensure the image is the right size and resolution
  13. Then make another one for Pinterest
  14. Publish the article
  15. Check your IFTTT recipes have sent the blog post to your Facebook page, your Facebook profile and your Twitter account
  16. Dump the link on Google+ (yes, it's still there and yes, it still matters... apparently)
  17. 'Pin' the blog post to your chosen board on Pinterest
  18. ... and to a couple of community boards that you are a member of
  19. Use one of the images on Instagram with the caption "New blog post is up. Link in bio."
  20. ... #dont #forget #the #hastags 
  21. Send the link to StumbleUpon
  22. ... and 'thumbs up' a couple of non-relevant web pages to make it look like you're not spamming
  23. Alert brands/people mentioned in, or related to, the blog post via social media
  24. ... remembering not to put their @name first so everyone sees the update
  25. Add the blog post to your weekly Buffer schedule
  26. ... also schedule a few more on Facebook
  27. ... and Twitter
  28. ... making sure you optimise the sharing times
  29. ... sometimes with an image, sometimes without
  30. ... sometimes with #more #hashtags, sometimes without
  31. Share on Twitter if you see someone else mention something similar to your blog post
  32. Add the link to your weekly/monthly newsletter
  33. Join some 'comment rings love threads' in blogging Facebook groups
  34. Find a relevant linky to join but probably don't visit any of the other links that have been shared
  35. Repeat numbers 23 (if they didn't respond the first time), 25, 26, 27 and 31 on at least four occasions
  36. ... per day
  37. Panic when your blog post is shared on Facebook and the correct image doesn't appear or is cut off at the wrong point
  38. Check a seasonal topic calender to find your next blogging subject
  39. Check your statistics. Every. Single. Day. 
  40. ...make sure you compare them to last week/month/year and stare at the screen in dismay if your blog hasn't 'grown'

All the blah blah blah:

OK, so I'm guilty of about 90% of the above - I admit it. As a blogger, of course I want people to read what I churn out but I want them to see the real me and I want to write what matters. More recently I realised I loved writing stuff like "I can't remember the last time..." because it came from pent-up emotion but then I read Tanya's 'Keeping It Real' blog post and knew that this one was just on the tip of my fingers. I'm going back to basics and hoping everyone else will also fuck it all and just write! 


What Does It Take To Work With Young Offenders

There are around 1000 children and young people in custody in the UK and reoffending rates are alarmingly high. Indeed, over two thirds of children re-offend within a year of leaving custody according to latest figures.

These issues make working with young offenders one of the most challenging areas of social work in which to specialise. Dealing with such vulnerable children and young people on a daily basis can be trying and heart breaking, but the need for these professionals is greater than ever. There exists a wide variety of youth offending vacancies available at the moment and choosing to work in this area may be one of the most rewarding things you ever do. You may worry, however, that you don't have what it takes; you may have concerns that you will find it difficult to stay objective or that your emotions may get the better of you. Here we explain what it takes to work with young offenders.

What personal characteristics will I need to have?

Young offenders come from a variety of backgrounds and many will have been in trouble many times before they have a custodial sentence handed to them. You will need to be level-headed and able to make practical decisions and offer support without any prejudice or discrimination. Your ultimate goal in supporting young offenders is to help them achieve successful rehabilitation, in order that they can re-enter society as a fully-rounded adult. In reality, many of these children and young people re-offend within months of leaving the detention centre so you will need to be resilient and understanding in these often frustrating and heart-breaking situations.

What will be my roles and responsibilities?

Your major aim will be to support the young offender and there is great responsibility that comes along with this role. You may be required to help the young person organise housing for when they are released, arrange visits from parents and friends while they are in custody, work with other agencies to provide mental health or behavioural reports and help them to foster a positive attitude for the future. If the young person under your care is a drug user, you may also be required to organise rehabilitation programmes and offer the support and counselling needed for them to stay off drugs. For further details on the responsibilities of working with youth offenders, see the A Career Change website.

What kind of jobs are out there?

Youth offending vacancies will range from jobs in the probation service, to working in a detention centre, social housing or the police. You may be part of a Youth Offending Team, which aims to help rehabilitate and offer advice on education, training and housing. Or you may be working with young offenders in a secure or semi-secure unit, where you will provide support and counselling while they are in custody. All of these jobs require dedication and the ability to offer practical help in a non-judgemental way. Many roles will require qualifications in social work, some to degree level. If you do not have these, however, there are very often youth offending vacancies for support workers that don't require formal qualifications. The National Careers Service gives some more information about how to get started in the profession.

This is a featured post. Please see my disclosure policy for more details


Taking A Break From Social Media

social media,

Only a week ago Kate Bevan tweeted this to the co-founder and CEO of Twitter after an few rumours were abound regarding changes to the way in which Twitter was going to be structured.

It led to a quick but nostalgic conversation between myself and Kate about how the community aspect of Twitter seems to have been lost as it has grown and it's harder to find cool people to engage with.

Stephen Fry is often regaled as the Godfather of (British) Twitter. Because of his early adoption of the social media platform, many people felt that they could connect with him as he shared images and updates of his life. Let's be honest, in the early days, he was one of the first people you followed (along with Jonathan Ross and Philip Schofield) in the hope for a tweet from him or even for him to follow you back. Twitter was much quieter back then though.

Last night, during the BAFTA awards ceremony, as the host, Fry made a comment which upset a few people. Not event attendees, but viewers at home, watching on their television sets (on approximately an hour's delay) with a Twitter app to hand. The basic premise is that Fry called one of the BAFTA winners a "bag lady" because of the way she was dressed. Twitter erupted in defence of said lady and Fry retaliated saying that it was a private joke and called everyone sanctimonious fuckers (or words to that effect). Even I had a bit of a dig about it:

Twitter erupted once more and less than 12 hours later Stephen Fry had left Twitter deactivated his account. Again, I had something to say about this but I felt like I was battling against the tide with my viewpoint...

So let's rewind just a little bit...

There have always been keyboard warriors. In the same way that anonymity can provide some people with confidence, it is very easy to hide behind a screen name and share negative comments. Trash forums have always been popular and even five years ago live streaming social media wasn't really a large part of our lives. Since mobile phones became more accessible (cheaper contracts, wifi connectability, etc.) and the development of apps became a Serious Business, more people started using real time connectives such as Twitter or Facebook. And this isn't necessarily a good thing. The whole concept of talking to 'strangers' online definitely wasn't new but here was another way to meet new and interesting people in 'real time' other than in forum-based chat rooms or using a messenger-style programme. 

A large part of today's news media is about how yet another person has had to deal with a negative experience online. I could easily write a couple of thousand words about 'trolling', disposable social media accounts, how the new breed of account holders use Twitter these days, bullying, celeb-bashing, opposing views, blatant racism, how popularity breeds reaction/interaction and so much more but what has all this got to do with Stephen Fry?

Coincidentally, Fry is revisiting a series he made a few years back which examines the life of the manic depressive - something he has battled for many years. Speaking from personal experience, I know that people with mental health issues very often take actions to the extreme; over-thinking other people's viewpoints, doing something to the absolute limit, quitting without warning... There is not enough support or help out there and local mental health resources are stretched at the best of times. We have to respect self-management.

Today, we heard that the Cabinet Office will continue to fund a thousand year old tradition of having British laws written on vellum (with immediate effect). This was on the same day that a pledge (just a pledge, mind) of £1bn per year by 2020-2021 for additional and continuous mental health resources was made.

Vellum before mental health.  
I'll just let that one sink in. 
At least we all know where we stand now.

Social media is a very explosive arena and even for the most blasé of people, it can be an upsetting place. I very much enjoy having a difference of opinion with people and conducting an adult discussion. I can often learn from their viewpoint but as soon as anyone resorts to insults then it's time to block them and move on or simply switch off. This time, rather than let his mind be over-worked with everything, I'm rather hoping that this is what Stephen Fry has done this time. 


Soundtrack To My Life - Leyla

Soundtrack To My Life is an occasional series where people share five music tracks that transport them back to a memorable time in their life.

Today's Soundtrack To My Life comes from Leyla.  When she's not offering digital media solutions to businesses she is a busy mum to two (soon to be three) lovely kids and owner of two gorgeous dogs!  Her family blog captures the positive from each day and is a lovely way to create a living diary for her children to read one day.   Here's Leyla's Soundtrack To My Life...


Oasis - Stop Crying Your Heart Out

In April 2014 my sister passed away at the age of 19. I was in ASDA a few days after it had happened picking up milk and general things for my parents. This song came over the shop radio and I broke down into tears. It was the first time I had heard it but in that instant it reminded me of my sister. No song had ever had such a powerful impact on me before, it is a song to this day that I will cry at. I asked for it to be played at her funeral and it will always remind me of my younger sister.

This song makes me giggle because my sister misheard the lyrics and thought they were singing ' Looking in your big glass eye' So now whenever it is played I cannot get those lyrics out of my head.

The lyrics in this song I think really speak volumes. Our lives are so busy that we often forget where we came from and the people who were there with us. Every time I hear it I want to get back in touch with my friends and arrange a meet up.

The movie always makes me laugh. The song was one I used to have in the car when I worked in sales and it was one I used to put on to motivate me for those difficult calls, because only shooting stars break the mould!

For no other reason that this is such a moving song, my favourite song.


Soundtrack To My Life - Annwen
You can find Leyla on her blog - This Day I Love - or on Twitter and Facebook

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My New Make-Up Bag

You know me... I love a bit of home-made stuff. And I spotted my friend, Michelle (our local parkrun Director) sharing some pictures of little craft projects that she had created and sold to friends.  One caught my eye immediately and I asked her if she had any of the material left over as I was after a little make-up pouch for my handbag.

Earlier today she dropped this off at my house (literally 36 hours after we'd chatted about it) and I. Am. In. Love!!

My New Make-Up Bag - from Home Made By Michelle - padded, patchwork - measuring 6" x 4" with a zip.

First of all, I think it's obvious why one section of this patchwork purse caught my eye... yes, it completely fulfils my obsession with Union Jacks.  Secondly, the other material used mentions the 1970's - the decade in which I was born.

But when I got my hands on the purse, I noticed that what looks like a print of an article about the progression of British chart music mentioned my beloved Duran Duran and another of my favourite groups, the Stone Roses. So many layers that just make more connections with me. 

I love giving people a little shout-out when it's deserved so go and have a nose around Michelle's Facebook page - Home Made By Michelle and if you see anything that catches your eye, ask her about it as she custom-makes everything.  She lives near to me so delivered it personally but I'm sure that a postage price could be negotiated if you mentioned to her that I sent you her way, *wink wink

My pouch measures 6" x 4", is patchwork, has a zip and is slightly padded - and all for the bargain price of £5!!  What do you think?  Do you love it as much as me?

Your guide to loft conversions

Speaking with one of my friends recently, she said something that I think many of you would agree with when it comes to starting a family. “We spent nine months readying ourselves for everything to change. And still I was surprised that at how different our lives are!”

A truer word spoken you’ll struggle to find, and the changes actually start taking place even before you welcome your bundle of joy into the world. The house becomes baby-proofed, the car gets bigger, space needs to be found for the strollers, the clothes shopping is relentless and, of course, sleeping patterns descend into disarray. Of course, it all takes some adjustment, but as a parent it’s all part of the experience, and the sorts of things that you easily get on top of.

But as your family increases in both quantity and size, one of the big questions that burns is: Do we need to upsize our house?

The case for (and against) loft conversions

It’s the ultimate cost-benefit analysis, and one that is entirely subjective and personal to you as a family. But deciding whether to upsize or move isn’t just about increased living area. It’s also about adding value, and getting the most you can from what is ultimately a very important investment.

Furthermore, it isn’t necessarily a choice that’s in your hands. Space to make extensions sideways isn’t always a possibility for many existing homes, which is why expanding families are looking upwards through loft conversions instead. There are three main types of loft conversion:

Velux/Skylight: Involves simply converting existing roof space, and adding lights to the roof. It’s the least disruptive and cheapest option, and is ideal for smaller loft conversions.

Dormer: This involves adding an extension to existing loft space in order to increase headroom.

Mansard: This is the biggest and usually most expensive undertaking of the three, which involves extending roof space to the rear, and sometimes the front too; typically with brick sides and vertical windows.

Loft conversions are undoubtedly a cheaper alternative to moving home entirely, although as an investment, may warrant some careful consideration first. After all, for an outlay of anywhere between £5,000 and £50,000, you want to be sure that it is adding value to your property too. Bear in mind though that if your loft was formerly a major place of storage, the reduction in storage space could hinder the enhancement of your home’s market value.

You’ll also need to make sure that you have the necessary planning permission or permit from your local planning authorities before going ahead. In addition, it’s well worth asking yourself if your loft really is big enough. How much space will you actually be able to squeeze out of your existing loft? Both in terms of floor space and height? It may even be worth getting an architect in for advice.

Handy loft conversion tips

Nevertheless, if after considering the above you decide to go ahead, here are some tips which may help your cause in terms of maximising the value you get from the conversion…

Avoid shortcuts: The complexities of loft conversions are such that you don’t want to cut any corners in terms of finishing. For this transformation to be worthwhile, and to get the most bang for your buck, make sure you do this properly, and keep the finishes to a high standard.

Regulations: Crucial to being classified as a ‘living space’, it is vital that the new room has a proper staircase and windows, and meets health and safety regulations – otherwise there won’t be any value added.

Get quotes: Loft conversion is a highly competitive industry, so shop around in terms of quotes. Four or five should be the absolute minimum you aim for. Be sure to research their reputations too.

Good-value loans: Similar to the above, if you need help financing your loft conversion, you’ll be pleased to hear that the market for personal loans is hugely competitive, especially with the emergence of alternative finance. Be sure to check out some price comparison sites to find the best deal out there.

Make it a part of the house: You don’t want the conversion to feel like an add-on that appears as a blatantly separate addition to the house. Keep the style in line with that of the original house, and ensure that the stairway is a natural continuation so that the transition from the lower levels to the new room is seamless.

It may all seem like a lot to consider, but if a loft conversion fits the bill of what you’re after, it has the potential to be a great success. They’re increasingly popular in this country, especially given the current housing situation. As long as you stay the course, get all your ducks in a row, and keep smiling, there’ll be plenty of benefit to be had from it for you and your family for years to come.


The Corners Of My Home

I'm always interested in having a virtual nosy around other people's houses. Once, Sian showed off her favourite corners of her old home and I adored the individuality of it. Our house needs a lot of work structurally but the interior home architecture means that we would never find another that suits our needs anywhere else. It's decorated quite neutrally but we all have our own space; each of the children have their own bedrooms adored with gadgets galore, I have my home office (also the spare room) and my husband has a room for all his boy toys (he’s an amateur radio operator)

I have a whole corner of the lounge to myself right next to the radiator. Within reach is my Filofax, a notebook, my hard-drive, my kindle, my craft basket and my laptop. It is a perfect viewing spot for the television and is completely central in the whole of the house.

At the top of the stairs hangs my favourite piece of art. I found it at the Hippy Market in Ibiza and it cost about 15€. Because of it’s placement - it being in view all the time - you’d think I'd get used to seeing it there but I love looking at it every single day.

I am reclaiming my office space in the spare room at the moment (hence the very tidy looking desk) and making it a space where I can feel creative.. I should spend more time up there writing, away from the distraction of the television but it feels very isolated and I'm not good at dealing with that. It's going to change even more in there soon as I undertake a new venture - more about that soon. When you look around in my unofficial office tour, you can also catch a glimpse of our shelves full of videos that I'm loath to get rid of (I have been challenged to write about them so that's coming soon).

Also in my office space is the final 'Love Heart's picture. It's nothing special - it cost just a couple of pounds in a bargain store but it's bright and cheerful and the words "Dream Big" always remind me that nothing is impossible.

What are the favourite parts of your home?

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I can't remember the last time...

... I had a proper lie-in
... household chores were done without someone having to be reminded or asked
... someone gave me a hug, just because
... I hit my sales target at work
... I wore high heels
... I organised myself to get everything done
... we had spare cash so we didn't have to think about what we were spending
... I had someone to call a 'best friend'
... drank a whole brew whilst it was still hot
... I felt good about myself
... I did something where I felt proud of me
... something exciting happened at the weekend
... I didn't crave for a cigarette
... I ran for any length of time and it didn't hurt before/during/after
... I thought about myself before anyone else
... I read blogs or online articles properly
... the weather was nice
... I had a doze on the settee without someone shouting my name and 'needing' me
... I ate healthily for a full week
... someone paid me a compliment about the way I look
... I read a book
... I didn't lust over wine
... I did something without thinking of the consequenses
... I went to bed early
... I looked in the mirror and liked what I saw
... I formulated a plan and stuck to it
... I left the house without being all 'OCD' about everything
... my finger wasn't sore
... I had a great idea that I could devote time to properly
... something made me cry
... I stayed away from social media for 24 hours
... I didn't feel judged
... I got everything off my chest
... I clicked 'Publish' on a blog post without giving a shit << I did this today

Soundtrack To My Life - Annwen

Soundtrack To My Life is an occasional series where people share five music tracks that transport them back to a memorable time in their life.

Today's Soundtrack To My Life comes from Annwen.  Her blog is one that I have followed for a while and whilst she enjoys writing about style and travel she also incorporates family, fun, style, health, travel and life in general. In this choice of tracks, she's introduced me to a couple I haven't heard of before and a couple that I haven't heard for a while.  A great mix.  For now, over to Annwen...


Suzanne Vega - Luka

The first song I remember really liking as a kid, as a child of the 80's I was brought up on really good music from Suzanne Vega, Belina Carlisle, Mel and Kim etc. I remember road trips in the car with a mix tape of all of the above!

The Tony Rich Project - Nobody Knows

The soundtrack of my first breakup, I was 15 and madly in love, he was going away to uni and didn't want a long distance relationship. I remember crying into my pillow for hours and this song will always remind me of how much it hurt at the time. Now when I hear it I remind myself of how strong that breakup made me and what it taught me about love and self respect!

Phil Collins - You'll Be In My Heart

I love the Tarzan sound track but this song in particular has always been my favourite. When my son was born this song just seemed to sum up how incredibly protective I was of this little person in my life. I was quite overcome by how much it meant to me in his first weeks. It will always be an important part of our bond.

Lady Gaga - Bad Romance

I'm not a huge Lady Gaga fan, in fact prior to the moment that this became part of the soundtrack of my life I can't say I'd really paid it any attention. When I had a planned csection with my daughter I hadn't taken a CD for them to play so we settled on the hospital radio station and this song was playing as my daughter was born. I still don't like the song but it will forever remind me that it was the moment my little girl was delivered safely and for that reason I will always smile when I hear it and listen to the whole song.

Carrie Underwood - Jesus Take The Wheel

I love country music, probably now more than I ever have. This song in particular is a favourite for me, partly because the lyrics mean something to me personally but more because even at age 5 my song still likes a lullaby and this is always the first song he asks for, I think he's a country boy at heart!


Soundtrack To My Life - Annwen
You can find Annwen on her blog - Ramblings Of A Surburban Mummy - or on Twitter and Facebook

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