Soundtrack To My Life - Leyla

Soundtrack To My Life is an occasional series where people share five music tracks that transport them back to a memorable time in their life.

Today's Soundtrack To My Life comes from Leyla.  When she's not offering digital media solutions to businesses she is a busy mum to two (soon to be three) lovely kids and owner of two gorgeous dogs!  Her family blog captures the positive from each day and is a lovely way to create a living diary for her children to read one day.   Here's Leyla's Soundtrack To My Life...


Oasis - Stop Crying Your Heart Out

In April 2014 my sister passed away at the age of 19. I was in ASDA a few days after it had happened picking up milk and general things for my parents. This song came over the shop radio and I broke down into tears. It was the first time I had heard it but in that instant it reminded me of my sister. No song had ever had such a powerful impact on me before, it is a song to this day that I will cry at. I asked for it to be played at her funeral and it will always remind me of my younger sister.

This song makes me giggle because my sister misheard the lyrics and thought they were singing ' Looking in your big glass eye' So now whenever it is played I cannot get those lyrics out of my head.

The lyrics in this song I think really speak volumes. Our lives are so busy that we often forget where we came from and the people who were there with us. Every time I hear it I want to get back in touch with my friends and arrange a meet up.

The movie always makes me laugh. The song was one I used to have in the car when I worked in sales and it was one I used to put on to motivate me for those difficult calls, because only shooting stars break the mould!

For no other reason that this is such a moving song, my favourite song.


Soundtrack To My Life - Annwen
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