Soundtrack To My Life - Annwen

Soundtrack To My Life is an occasional series where people share five music tracks that transport them back to a memorable time in their life.

Today's Soundtrack To My Life comes from Annwen.  Her blog is one that I have followed for a while and whilst she enjoys writing about style and travel she also incorporates family, fun, style, health, travel and life in general. In this choice of tracks, she's introduced me to a couple I haven't heard of before and a couple that I haven't heard for a while.  A great mix.  For now, over to Annwen...


Suzanne Vega - Luka

The first song I remember really liking as a kid, as a child of the 80's I was brought up on really good music from Suzanne Vega, Belina Carlisle, Mel and Kim etc. I remember road trips in the car with a mix tape of all of the above!

The Tony Rich Project - Nobody Knows

The soundtrack of my first breakup, I was 15 and madly in love, he was going away to uni and didn't want a long distance relationship. I remember crying into my pillow for hours and this song will always remind me of how much it hurt at the time. Now when I hear it I remind myself of how strong that breakup made me and what it taught me about love and self respect!

Phil Collins - You'll Be In My Heart

I love the Tarzan sound track but this song in particular has always been my favourite. When my son was born this song just seemed to sum up how incredibly protective I was of this little person in my life. I was quite overcome by how much it meant to me in his first weeks. It will always be an important part of our bond.

Lady Gaga - Bad Romance

I'm not a huge Lady Gaga fan, in fact prior to the moment that this became part of the soundtrack of my life I can't say I'd really paid it any attention. When I had a planned csection with my daughter I hadn't taken a CD for them to play so we settled on the hospital radio station and this song was playing as my daughter was born. I still don't like the song but it will forever remind me that it was the moment my little girl was delivered safely and for that reason I will always smile when I hear it and listen to the whole song.

Carrie Underwood - Jesus Take The Wheel

I love country music, probably now more than I ever have. This song in particular is a favourite for me, partly because the lyrics mean something to me personally but more because even at age 5 my song still likes a lullaby and this is always the first song he asks for, I think he's a country boy at heart!


Soundtrack To My Life - Annwen
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