My New Make-Up Bag

You know me... I love a bit of home-made stuff. And I spotted my friend, Michelle (our local parkrun Director) sharing some pictures of little craft projects that she had created and sold to friends.  One caught my eye immediately and I asked her if she had any of the material left over as I was after a little make-up pouch for my handbag.

Earlier today she dropped this off at my house (literally 36 hours after we'd chatted about it) and I. Am. In. Love!!

My New Make-Up Bag - from Home Made By Michelle - padded, patchwork - measuring 6" x 4" with a zip.

First of all, I think it's obvious why one section of this patchwork purse caught my eye... yes, it completely fulfils my obsession with Union Jacks.  Secondly, the other material used mentions the 1970's - the decade in which I was born.

But when I got my hands on the purse, I noticed that what looks like a print of an article about the progression of British chart music mentioned my beloved Duran Duran and another of my favourite groups, the Stone Roses. So many layers that just make more connections with me. 

I love giving people a little shout-out when it's deserved so go and have a nose around Michelle's Facebook page - Home Made By Michelle and if you see anything that catches your eye, ask her about it as she custom-makes everything.  She lives near to me so delivered it personally but I'm sure that a postage price could be negotiated if you mentioned to her that I sent you her way, *wink wink

My pouch measures 6" x 4", is patchwork, has a zip and is slightly padded - and all for the bargain price of £5!!  What do you think?  Do you love it as much as me?