I can't remember the last time...

... I had a proper lie-in
... household chores were done without someone having to be reminded or asked
... someone gave me a hug, just because
... I hit my sales target at work
... I wore high heels
... I organised myself to get everything done
... we had spare cash so we didn't have to think about what we were spending
... I had someone to call a 'best friend'
... drank a whole brew whilst it was still hot
... I felt good about myself
... I did something where I felt proud of me
... something exciting happened at the weekend
... I didn't crave for a cigarette
... I ran for any length of time and it didn't hurt before/during/after
... I thought about myself before anyone else
... I read blogs or online articles properly
... the weather was nice
... I had a doze on the settee without someone shouting my name and 'needing' me
... I ate healthily for a full week
... someone paid me a compliment about the way I look
... I read a book
... I didn't lust over wine
... I did something without thinking of the consequenses
... I went to bed early
... I looked in the mirror and liked what I saw
... I formulated a plan and stuck to it
... I left the house without being all 'OCD' about everything
... my finger wasn't sore
... I had a great idea that I could devote time to properly
... something made me cry
... I stayed away from social media for 24 hours
... I didn't feel judged
... I got everything off my chest
... I clicked 'Publish' on a blog post without giving a shit << I did this today


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