How to describe raising a child with a disability

Even though I almost never reproduce anything I read on Facebook, I couldn't help steal this from a friend's status and adapt it slightly.  Original source unknown.

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How do you describe the experience of raising a child with a disability?  To try to help people who have not shared that unique experience to understand it, to imagine how it would feel. It’s like this:

Blognonymous : After Domestic Violence

This post was submitted to me within the ethos of Blognonymous.  This contributor has requested the Blognonymous to completely retain her anonymity.  This is possibly the most shocking post we've had submitted but believe that it has taken a lot of strength to write this.

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Unusual Image on Google Maps

So I was having a quick glance at Google Maps, trying to work out a route between the train station and a venue and noticed something a little odd on the map.  I've taken a couple of screenshots for you:


It's an aircraft flying quite low over London.  I was quite excited because I hadn't seen this one logged on any of the websites that provide links to the weird and wonderful images caught by satellites or another form of aerial photography.  Seeing the Red Arrows lined up at Blackpool Airport or John Travolta's plane on his driveway always makes me smile.  I know, I know...

EDIT:  It appears it has been in the news earlier this year.  It was Picture of the Day in the Telegraph back in February.  I'm still quite excited about *my* first "find" though.


Highly Recommended : September 2011

Welcome to my occasional series of recommendations.  I get sent all sorts of little gifts and samples to try out so will highlight some from each month when I have been very impressed with the product or the service.

Who would win in a fight... ROUND 1

... between the Blue Peter Presenters from the 1970s and Blue Peter Presenters from the 1980s?


And now he is an adult...

It is always hard to find the words to describe Michael... 

Quiet... but loud
Intricate... but simplistic
Gentle... but harsh
Deep... but humorous 
Clever... but unassuming


Happy 18th Birthday, Michael.

Meningitis - Parental Perception Survey

In October I am taking part in a forum dedicated to finding out about parental perceptions of Meningitis and the vaccines available.  I will also have the opportunity to learn more about the disease.  In the meantime may I ask you to complete the following survey, created by Novartis - one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies?  The results of of this survey will be revealed during the meeting.

Thank you

NB:  Please just enter "Typecast" or "" when asked
"What blog have you accessed this survey from?"
and if you are reading in Google Reader please can you click through to complete the survey.

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There are times in life when you just have to sit still and listen.  
You have to swallow tears because 
Scrabbling in your handbag for a tissue will mean 
That you miss the next sentence with more important information.  

You finally realise that you have the power to shout via your blog
And make a difference.
The snowball effect is all that is needed
To get the word out.

Click your mouse and sign the form.
Two minutes of your time... you can do that can't you?
Your action can help save lives
SIGN THE PETITION for Save the Children.


Sans Fards

I was reading the theme for Feminist Friday XVI this week and The Transatlantic Blonde mentioned "The Beauty Myth" - a ground-breaking feminist work by Naomi Wolf which examines the theory that "beauty" is a patriarchal social construction.  She (Ms Wolf) considers that even with all the power and money that women have in the modern world we are much worse off than our grandmothers because of the modern-day (unobtainable) image of "beauty".

Could you pass the 11-plus?

I was browsing through the BBC website during my lunch break and saw the "Could you pass the 11-plus?" challenge so I thought I would have a go.  15 questions with a 10-minute timer.  Easy, right?  I almost applied for "Are You Smarter Than A 10-Year Old?" because I was a damn sight smarter than my own 10-year old at the time *out-of-context-smugness*

So click on the link above (opens in a new window), take the test and then come back here to tell me how well you did or didn't do.

I had a "I am SO going to run out of time here" for Questions 7 and 8 and a complete *head-desk* moment for Question 10 (which I got wrong) but here are my results.

swot... oh yes I am

The answers and explanations are available on this page when you have finished.  NO PEEKING!

Cancer - Your Story : Stage Four

Editors Note:  I have exchanged a few emails with Peggy, The Narrowboat Wife because she wanted some people to give her ebook a read through before she officially published.  She writes beautifully so when she has the ebook on general release make sure you download a copy.  Anyway, we've been reading each other's blogs for a while and missed the chance to meet up at the very manic Cybermummy conference earlier this year.  After hearing my keynote speech and seeing that I hosted this guest series, Peggy asked if she could submit her piece about The Mellow Mum.

Blognonymous : The Elephant In The Room

This post was submitted to me within the ethos of Blognonymous.  This contributor has requested the Blognonymous platform because she feels that it's a difficult one to post on her own blog.  

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Save The Children Free Blogging Conference

On Saturday 17th September Save The Children are holding a free blogging conference at their headquarters in London.  The conference is designed to help you learn new skills, share experiences with leading bloggers and meet some of the fantastic people who are involved with Save The Children.

When: 17th September 2011
Where: Save The Children HQ, St Johns Lane, London, EC1M 4AR
Time:  9.30am  for tea and croissants, 10.00am start, 4.00pm finish

Sign up using the form below and keep reading for more information.


You know on cartoons when the character sees something they like and their eyes pop out on stalks with some springy-type sound effect? Well, that was me last night when I was catching up on over on Philofaxy last night.  I'm not sure if you saw my Twitter update yesterday evening but here it is again:

(favourited an awful lot but not retweeted for some strange reason.  I wonder why...?)

Uploading Photographs

Once upon a time we used to take occasional photographs of family events, interesting scenery or the dog laid out in front of the fire.  It would take an age to snap enough images to fill a 24-exposure film and you only ever bought a 36-exposure if you were feeling flush or going on holiday.  You sent the film away for processing and wait a week or more for the pictures to be returned.  Most of the photographs would be proudly displayed in an album and produced once or twice when family or friends visited.

When would you see that album again?  Probably when moving house or tidying out a cupboard.

BLACKPOOL TOWER : Relaunched and Rediscovered

Blackpool is my old stomping ground.  I was born and brought up on the Fylde coast and it's the place of many great childhood memories.  We never holidayed there but enjoyed the amenities in summer and winter.  The annual visit to Blackpool Illuminations was a tradition that I have carried on with my own children and plan to continue with my grandchildren too.  As mentioned in a previous post, I had fallen out of love with the town as it appeared to have lost its family atmosphere and moved on from the naughty postcard image to the place to be seen at a stag or hen night.  I needed to re-enthuse and re-engage.

So imagine my delight when I was invited (with the family) to be part of The Blackpool Tower launch on 1st September 2011.  We were guests of Merlin Entertainment and we would be first to see all the new attractions.

Biorepair - Children's Toothpaste

Advertorial (for more information please see my disclosure policy)

As parents we know that many drinks and sweets are high in acid and sugar and can cause extensive damage to young teeth.  I've been asked to share information with you that could protect your children’s teeth continuously from the word go (potentially saying goodbye to fillings for life) - Biorepair.

Dr. Girk Baytug, a dentist for over twenty years, explains in the video below about the results of a recent study which tested two repairing toothpastes - one being BioRepair - on their ability to repair enamel erosion caused by a soft drink, which showed that BioRepair provides continuous protection against multiple acid attacks throughout the day, keeping little teeth healthy and protected!


Orangina's 75th Anniversary. Ooh la la!

Advertorial (for more information please see my disclosure policy)

During 2011 Orangina is celebrating it's 75th anniversary.  Remember my (almost) disastrous first trip to French shores when I was 11?  It wasn't all bad as I discovered Orangina in a big way. It seemed very European to be drinking the slightly pithy, slightly sparkling orange juice straight out of the bottle (we were told it was the only way to drink it).  We also brought a couple of those bulb-shaped bottles home as souvenirs too as no-one we knew had ever had Orangina before.  That was 28 years ago (yes, I'm showing my age now).

Orangina have teamed up with chef Jean Christophe Novelli to revitalise a classic recipe.  Duck à l'Orangina c'est magnifique and you can find out exactly how magnifique the collaboration is by visiting their Facebook page. 

Here's Jean Christophe Novelli cooking the recipe for you and the full recipe is below:
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