You know on cartoons when the character sees something they like and their eyes pop out on stalks with some springy-type sound effect? Well, that was me last night when I was catching up on over on Philofaxy last night.  I'm not sure if you saw my Twitter update yesterday evening but here it is again:

(favourited an awful lot but not retweeted for some strange reason.  I wonder why...?)

The Philofaxy team pointed me in the direction of the German Filofax website where they are celebrating the 90th birthday of Filofax by offering 90 products at 9 each.  The offer ends on 15th September and you can order from their website if you live at (or can deliver to) any address in the EU.

Now, I imagine you they have a limited amount of stock but I've already ordered a couple for work so you're free to run wild on the website now.  Let me know what you buy in the comments section.  Here's what I bought:

Finchley A5 in rose
(not the colour shown)
Panama Personal in Fir/Tanne
(not the colour shown)

  • Check the price before you buy.  Only certain sizes and colours are on offer for 9
  • Keep your order below 25€ and delivery will be 4.50
  • Put your postcode as your "business address" and leave a 0 (zero) in the postcode box
  • Use Google Chrome as your browser and it will translate the website for you



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