And now he is an adult...

It is always hard to find the words to describe Michael... 

Quiet... but loud
Intricate... but simplistic
Gentle... but harsh
Deep... but humorous 
Clever... but unassuming


Happy 18th Birthday, Michael.

I always worry about Michael on his birthday and he, in turn, worries about me.  Mum died on his 11th birthday and her anniversary is always on my mind.  She is never forgotten but I now realise that I can think about her and remember her every single day if I want to and her anniversary should never over-shadow Michael's special day. She would have been so proud of the way he has grown up (... and up, and up, and up - he's almost 6 ft 6 in now!).

I wrote this last year.  I feel very differently now, even after just one year.  I am not sure why.  Maybe I am more positive about my life and something has just *clicked*?