There are times in life when you just have to sit still and listen.  
You have to swallow tears because 
Scrabbling in your handbag for a tissue will mean 
That you miss the next sentence with more important information.  

You finally realise that you have the power to shout via your blog
And make a difference.
The snowball effect is all that is needed
To get the word out.

Click your mouse and sign the form.
Two minutes of your time... you can do that can't you?
Your action can help save lives
SIGN THE PETITION for Save the Children.

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This is the first part in my call to action and one of the rare times I'll become involved in a "blog hop". Two representatives from Save the Children are on their way to UN General Assembly in New York and will be pressuring David Cameron to use his governmental power to help solve the global health worker crisis.  Can you be part of the final push to reach the 60,000 signature target before Tuesday 20th September?

You don't need me to show the pictures to make you feel guilty or helpless.  We've all seen them.  Heartbreaking, aren't they?  We wouldn't want this to happen to our own children so we have to help make some noise to get global leaders to keep their promises to help alleviate this situation.

I would like to pass the baton on to the following people:
AND YOU!!!  Yes YOU without a blog!!!

Please can you share this post on your social media networks.  If you want to write your own 100-word post and link it up then that would be even more fabulous.  Just get the word out and help to reach that 60,000 signature target before Tuesday 20th September.

Thank you.