Biorepair - Children's Toothpaste

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As parents we know that many drinks and sweets are high in acid and sugar and can cause extensive damage to young teeth.  I've been asked to share information with you that could protect your children’s teeth continuously from the word go (potentially saying goodbye to fillings for life) - Biorepair.

Dr. Girk Baytug, a dentist for over twenty years, explains in the video below about the results of a recent study which tested two repairing toothpastes - one being BioRepair - on their ability to repair enamel erosion caused by a soft drink, which showed that BioRepair provides continuous protection against multiple acid attacks throughout the day, keeping little teeth healthy and protected!

NB:  I have not reviewed or tested this product, just asked to share the information. 
For more details please visit the Biorepair website.