Who would win in a fight... ROUND 2

...between all of the MADs finalists in the Most Innovative catagory?

In the what-am-I-doing-here corner we have Nickie - Typecast *jazz hands*.  Working full time and blogging supposedly as a hobby, Nickie is slightly addicted to all things connected to social media and a great fan of digging deep holes.


In the geek corner we have Ruth - Geekmummy.  Dealing with all things geek on a daily basis, Ruth blogs, Boos and vlogs her way through parenthood bringing us great views and reviews via her very own tv studio in her garage.

Note From Lapland
In the ex-pat corner we have poop-scooper extraordinaire, Heather - Note from Lapland.  Heather is last year's winner of this very category and provides us all with an interesting outlook on her weird and wonderful life just outside Lapland.

Violet Posy

In the technical corner we have the geek-chic Liz - Violet Posy.  Liz is a lover of all things pretty and writes about a myriad of themes ranging from home interiors, to DIY, through to blog design.

20 Something Mum

In the anti-parenting corner we have Claire - 20-Something Mum.  Claire isn't afraid of speaking her mind and causing a bit of controversy, runs a very successful review site and wishes for a career in media or PR.


Over to you...

... but in the meantime, you might like a preview of our collaborative acceptance speech...