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Who would win in a fight... ROUND 1

... between the Blue Peter Presenters from the 1970s and Blue Peter Presenters from the 1980s?

IN THE RED CORNER we have John Noakes, Peter Purves and Lesley Judd with Shep the dog.  The presenters who were there during my first foray into Blue Peter encouraging me to collect milk bottle tops and stamps.  Noakes with his comforting Northern accent and dare devil stunts, Purves as the very sensible, father-like figure and Judd who was graceful and pretty.

IN THE BLUE CORNER we have Simon Groom, Peter Duncan and Sarah Greene with Goldie the dog.  The presenters who were there as I was outgrowing Blue Peter but still secretly watching it whilst tea was being made.  Groom who managed to slide innuendo in from time to time, Duncan and his desire to be John Noakes in a green and white suit and Greene who was pretty and big-sister-like.


Over to you...