Review : Simply Pure

When I was approached by Netmums and asked to review the Simply Pure washing power for them, I did so with trepidation.  I'm not easily swayed by products that profess to be eco-friendly or hypo-allergenic; mainly because I believe I am going to be over-charged or the product isn't going to stand up to the advertised promises.

I was stopped in my tracks by Simply Pure.  We are lucky that none of us here at Typecast Towers have sensitive skin but my washing power has to eradicate the smells and stains that boys make (sorry - it has to be said) so high performance is my main priority.  I tested my samples of Simply Pure on a few normal washes, bedding, a mud-caked tracksuit after a gang of 11 year olds decided to have a half-term bike ride to the local country park, work blouses and even a pair of trainers.  I got the same result each time - very clean clothes and no colour run.  The whites aren't overly bright either.  Everything is just so natural.  I also asked my daughter to test it on my grandchildren's clothes and the feedback is that the powder got spag bol and blackcurrant juice out of a vest that she though she was going to have to throw away.  So, another round of thumbs-up from that corner.  Even the packaging (the tub) is being recycled here - we've filled one with crayons and my husband has dibs on the next one for storing "stuff" in.

Recently, with popular, leading brands, I have noticed a penchant for scents and smells, often over-powering. Simply Pure doesn't have this. In fact, there is no scent.  It's taken a while to get used to but I quite like it and I am no longer skipping through the streets smelling of lavender and moonfruit (whatever that is).  I was also impressed by the price.  At £2.89 per pack (15 washes) this fits in perfectly with our budget, especially when I know it will do the job properly.

The stats:

  • The only washing powder that is hypoallergenic
  • Contains no enzymes, perfumes or optical brighteners

Simply Pure is now available in all major supermarkets but Netmums have an exclusive partnership with Aquados (the company that make Simply Pure) for ordering and price discounts.  You can find out more about that on the Netmums website. Also, Gerry Hinton, MD of Simply, has agreed to hold a week-long Q&A Session in the Netmums Coffee House (1st - 7th March) so you can hop on over and ask any questions.


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