Blognonymous : Addiction's A Curse

This post was submitted to me within the ethos of Blognonymous.  This author isn't a member of the blogging community but has heard about Blognonymous through word of mouth.  As ever, submissions remain unedited - it was the author's choice to write this in the form of a poem.  

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I laughed, I smiled
I socialised, had friends
Then I met you
All that was to end

You swept me away
With your attention and love
You let me love you
More than I ever should

You asked for exclusivity
Right from the start
So I gave you my soul
I gave you my heart

I gave you such honesty
I shared all of my dreams
You were my very best friend
I told you everything

I hung on your every word
I thought we were strong
I thought we had a future
But it seems I was wrong

I had no addictions
Other than you
I’m so lost without you
What am I to do?

Well, I was strong before you
And I’ll be strong again
I didn’t feel you destroy me
‘never thought this would end

You said I was your soul mate
I was your best friend
You said that you loved me
You promised this would not end

But all of these years you’ve been hiding
Something stronger than fear
All these you’ve been denying
Your addiction to beer

Not a day has there been
In the best part of three years
That you haven’t ended your day
With more than a few beers

Over time it has worsened
And now I fear it’s much more
Because now it’s a cocktail
Drink, drugs, temper and all

You made me fear for my safety
There is little that’s worse
I love you so very much
But your addiction’s a curse

I’ve tried so hard to help you
To understand you, to care
Found so many excuses for you
Yet now I’m so aware

You’ve taken over my body
And torn out my heart
It beats in your hand
As it has from the start

And I stand and I watch you
As you decide my fate
You’re swaying slightly
Your pupils dilate

And I straighten my back
And lift my head high
I can’t tell you of the pain
I feel as I cry

A huge wave floods my chest
And I just can’t breath
My tears like a river
I know I must leave

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