Who would play you in a film?

On Saturday evening I caught sight of a tweet from @MumsTheBoss.  She mentioned that her other half expected Colin Firth, Hugh Grant or Sean Connery to play him in a hypothetical film of his life.  Then @IceMaidenCakes chipped in saying that her choice was Sid James and Hattie Jaques, as her own life sometimes resembled a Carry On film!  Kev and I liken ourselves to many a famous couple; Roseanne & Dan Connor or Barbara & Jim Royle ring the most true and this cartoon has been pinned to my notice board for about nine years now:

Flo: It's what makes all those long hours at work worthwhile...
...the sight of your loved one, bounding to the door to welcome you home.
Andy: zzzzzzzzzz

You've already been treated to "My Life In Film (the musical version)" but I began thinking about preparing for when Ron Howard or Danny Boyle start the bidding war to buy the rights to the story of my life (working title: Snog Kev, Marry Kev, Avoid Kev).  I would love to say that Uma Thurman will be approached to play me but I suspect it is more likely to be Kathy Burke. The younger version of Kev would be played by any of my choices in yesterdays "Old Enough To Be Their Mother..." and the older Kev can be chosen from the cast of "Shwing".

What about you?  Who would play you in a film of your life?