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The Typecast blog is written by myself, Nickie O'Hara - wife to one, Mum to three and Nana to three (yes, really!).  I live in Lancashire in the North West of England. I co-lead and co-manage a running group which is part of the 5K GroupRun programme in Blackburn. I also enjoy writing and crafting to wind down. I used to tap dance but I kept falling into the sink.

To contact me, please email me on nickie@nickieohara.co.uk

Please do not hesitate to request my media pack which details charges and conditions for sponsored/paid content and advertising. To find out more about my ongoing innovative projects please visit www.nickieohara.co.ukFor more information about my freelance availability and digital consultancy service please visit Typecast Digital.

The Typecast blog has been live since July 2009 and I have been blogging and using online forums and newsgroups since 2002.  

I am currently a lifestyle blogger for the Metro writing articles focused towards parents and grandparents. I am founder of the #FitbitchesMOVEment and I also write a geek/tech blog called GeekaliciousI am a regular speaker at BlogOn MSI in Manchester and I have a prominent presence within social media platforms, especially on Twitter when you can often find me spending my Friday nights hosting the 'Friday Twiz'!  I also hosted a radio panel show on Preston FM called The Big Cheese and hosted my own podcast called Fitbitches.

Please contact me for more details about writing and publishing features, reviews and commercial content. You may also like to have a look at my content policies.

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I created a guest-posting series called "Cancer - Your Story" to break the taboos regarding cancer.  I am also one of the founders and organisers of the campaign "Blognonymous".  I have contributed material to well known websites and blogzines such as The Huffington Post and The High Tea Cast (now known as Unsorry Magazine).  I have had articles featured on various blogs in the parenting and writing communities and have written for national publications including Flying Start Magazine, Plumbing Trade Magazine and Plumbing Trade Magazine. This blog was a Top 20 Teads Lifestyle and Parenting Blogs and has been described as influential by numerous well-known brands and sources such as Mumsnet, NetmumsCision and Voucher Codes

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"Those three words, are said too much, but not enough"
Snow Patrol, Chasing Cars

"I know I'm gonna die so my revenge is living well"
Robbie Williams, Make Me Pure

"She's all sparkly. She looks like a holiday"
Raymond Babbitt, Rainman

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