Soundtrack To My Life - Vicky

Soundtrack To My Life

I'd like you to meet Vicky who is sharing her Soundtrack To My Life today.  I've followed her for some time, marvelling at the way she embraces her disability and life in a wheelchair crossed with her interest in beauty and fashion, alongside being a very busy mum! I don't know how she does it!!

I love all the tracks that Vicky has chosen and the story behind each of her selections is very personal. So, for now, it's over to Vicky...


DJ Sammy - Heaven

For my daughter. Although I love the Bryan Adams version, this version was out when my daughter was born nearly 13 years ago. I was listening to the radio and holding her when it came on the radio and the lyrics made me shed tears of joy.

Snow Patrol - Run

This song reminds me of a very important time in my life when I finally worked up the courage to leave my abusive ex husband. It was the start of a whole new life for me.

Alanis Morissette - Ironic

The soundtrack to my youth, when Alanis topped the charts with one of her cheerier songs and completely misunderstood the definition of ironic. Now THAT'S irony!

David Guetta - Titanium

Because I am wiser and stronger than I've ever been. Shoot me down, but I won't fall - I'm a strong independent woman. Those are the lyrics, right? ;-)

Wilson Philips - Hold On

Though this song falls into the category of 'cheesy pop' I really love it's uplifting message. It's helped me get through just one more day when I thought that carrying on was impossible.


Soundtrack To My Life
You can find Vicky speaking very openly on her blog and you can follow her on Twitter as @curlywurlygirly and on Facebook.

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