Planning In 2016

Planning for 2016 has a theme of orange and black.
The Future Is Bright... The Future Is Orange!

I was gathering together my planning 'equipment' for 2016 - just a few bits I had accumulated over the past couple of months; some review items that I had saved, a couple of pens that I wanted to start using, notebooks that I had already used and wanted to continue using and a few accessories that needed using up (first world problems for a stationery addict...).

It wasn't until I flat laid all the items for an Instagram picture that I realised I'd unintentionally created a colour theme and I was rather enjoying it.

The Hobonichi Techo is going to be my main diary that I carry around with me (I'll explain why I have moved into a Hobonichi in a minute and I talk about it in more detail in the video). I've managed to switch to a smaller planner because I'm now in a job that I can leave at the office, i.e. no planning or updating at home (*phew*) and I have a desk diary that stays there. I'm still in love with the whole Travellers Notebook system that I trialled but I'm on a mission to trim down what I carry around with me and make everything more compact. I'm totally aware that doesn't look like it from the header picture but, trust me, this is minimal for me.

The orange Filofax notebook has no purpose yet but I think I'm going to use it to jot down different types of blog posts and video ideas - this will stay on my desk in my home office along with the orange highlighter and the orange fineliner.  I have a little plastic zip pocket tucked inside the front of my Hobonichi cover which holds page markers, paperclips and the mini notepad and sticky notes, then the Hobonichi is held closed with the black fineliner through the pen loops. I always have a small notebook to hand for lists and general jottings which I can then transfer over into my regular diary because I'm a neat freak hence the pocket notebook. Word.Notebooks already embrace the bullet journal system with their pre-printed page design so this fits neatly into my needs and wants.

So, the Hobonichi Techo... I've been trying to find a diary system that works for me and I was going to create my own after hacking a notebook (I'll leave links at the end if you want to have a look) but time, money... y'know! A Hobonichi offers all that I need - monthly, weekly and daily planning spaces - and, at A6-ish size, it's small enough for me to carry around in my handbag.  The main section of the diary is a day-on-one-page on which I can bullet journal and also (the important bit) plan ahead using a bullet system. It's been hard finding a pen that doesn't bleed through the fairly thin paper but I'm finding the fineliner is working perfectly. It does mean that I've had to retire my J Herbin ink rollerball from everyday use but it's now on my desk to use in the other notebooks. 

I've left some links for you down below if you want to have a look at any of the items that I've mentioned. Please do watch the video which is a bit of an in-detail show-and-tell of my planning system then I'd love to hear how you are going to stay focused and scheduled in 2016.  I may even have to adapt my own system if you have fantastic ideas! 

Filofax refillable notebook (review here) | Hobonichi planner from Pocket Notebooks | Hobonichi cover from Etsy | Word.Notebook from Pocket Notebooks | shockproof Samsung phone case from Amazon | orange 'Things To Do' sticky notes from The Worksfineliner pens from The Works | orange highlighter, one of a pack of four from The Works | orange mini notepad - part of a Crown Mill stack from Bureau Direct

As an aside, and just so you know that my excessiveness continues when it comes to planning, I do have another couple of planners on the go.  I am using the Stigu Planner for my blog and video planning and the Parent Planner from Jump! Mag for household and meal planning. Reviews for each of these planners are here

Here are those promised related videos I mentioned earlier:

  • Travellers Notebook Set Up (with notebook hack) - on YouTube 
  • Notebook with Bullet Journal hack - on YouTube