Things My Husband Wants For His Birthday

Every year I have the same conversation with my husband about what he wants for his birthday.  I ask the question and he never knows so I've put together a list of the presents that he may or may not be receiving this year and then I've at least got something to go on. Feel free to add to the list because I'm all out of inspiration! 

Things My Husband Wants For His Birthday
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Camping Equipment

My husband goes away a couple of times a year to motorbike rallies - it's his "thing" and his favourite one is usually on the same weekend as his birthday. Now, he has literally everything for camping - the luxury blow up bed, the super warm sleeping bag, all the cooking equipment but he was short of a decent camping lamp. I found one from Varta - the Outdoor Sports Comfort Lantern - which uses amber light effectively (reducing bugs and insects by 60%)
camping lamp and is also waterproof, pretty robust and has hooks for hanging at the top and bottom.  Perfect! 

Power Bank

We have so many power banks in the house now but they are so useful - you can never have enough in my opinion. We're on our mobile phones so much more these days and the battery life of a phone (or tablet) isn't relative to the time spent on it so a quick charge with a portable powerbank does the trick. Varta offer a slimline powerbank (6000 mAh) which will charge a phone twice and doesn't take up too much room in a jacket pocket or a bag. 

Personalised Keyring

Ok, another recommendation from Hope House Press. I know I mention them in almost every gift guide but they keep coming up with brilliant ideas.  This personalised keyring (originally released for Father's Day) is fab!  It can be carried loose in a pocket but it can also be opened and attached to a belt loop too.  The personalisation can be plain embossing, gold, rose gold or silver and at £9.00 it's a steal! 

Subscription Box For Blokes

Every month I receive a Birchbox through the post. It's a little box of joy full of make-up and beauty samples.  I noticed the offered one for blokes too but it was a limited edition for Father's Day (shame) but it got me thinking about something similar as an ongoing gift.  I found a selection on All Subscription Boxes but socks and grooming kits seem to be the favourite d'jour! 

Magazine Subscription

Leading on from the above suggestions, I always think a magazine subscription is the gift that keeps on giving! I bought a Private Eye one for my dad one Christmas and he used to save the magazines up and send them to me once every few months too but he also resubscribed at the end of the 12-month run because he was enjoying it so much!  I've worked with in the past so really can recommend using their service and they have a fantastic selection to choose from. 


My husband won't admit it but I think he's secretly pleased that I have a fascination with stationery. He's not adverse to using a "nice" pen to write with and he's forever poking around looking for a new notebook to use for his scribblings.  We are both fans of the Filofax refillable notebook (I prefer the A5, he likes the pocket size) because of the adaptability of the dividers and because you can change the order of the pages if you need to but I wanted to get him something a bit more special.  I found out that I could order a leather notebook cover from Executive Pens Direct, have it personalised and then just change the notebook when needed.  


Hands up if your husband struggles to buy any type of swim shorts before he goes on holiday.  I know mine is an absolute nightmare. He hates clothes shopping at the best of times so online shopping is the only compromise.  I managed to find some great swim trunks at Simply Swim which will be a nice surprise for him!

Things My Husband Wants For His Birthday

I'm sure you're bored of reading my disclaimers these days but I like to be transparent. There are a few of these links that are collaborations with brands but I wouldn't dream of recommending them if I really didn't rate the products. I will also mention companies that I've worked with in the past that I've continued to use and/or buy from with my own hard earned cash. If you want to read more about this you can check out my disclosure policy