How To Survive Off Very Little Sleep

How To Survive Off Very Little Sleep

Sleep... it's a sore subject in this house.

The cause? My husband's snoring! One pillow, two pillows, on his back, on his side, using an anti-snore pillow, whatever. And he sleeps so deeply that he has no idea that he's doing it either. He protests by saying that I snore too but I know I don't... I'm too ladylike to snore. Cute little piggy grunts, maybe, but not loud enough to wake someone from their slumber and prevent them from nodding back off again.

You would think I would be used surviving with no sleep. When my youngest child was born (and before was diagnosed with ADHD) his sleep pattern was very erratic.  He had already transitioned into a "big boy bed" which was inline with the research conducted on this survey with Happy Beds so keeping him in his own bed was a challenge. This went on for approximately two-and-a-half years. In fact, I was so adept at surviving of little or no sleep that I laughed at the idea of the reality TV Show, "Shattered" which involved a number of contestants going without sleep for a week (I'm sure I am the only person who remembers this. Dermot O'Leary presented the nightly updates).

I actually wish I'd had the survey results at the time because Happy Beds also asked participants to provide their top tips for making the change of beds as easy as possible and some clear themes were found: Keeping a consistent routine, finding the perfect bed, involving the child in the process, and timing the switch so it doesn’t align with other milestone changes.

Sleep isn't something that you can store in reserve for a time when you need the extra push - and I'm convinced I'm still trying to catch up on that lost sleep - so what can you do to ensure a better night's sleep? . Nowadays, I sometimes manage a lie-in at the weekend but I am usually awake before it is absolutely necessary to get up and can never settle back down again. That's a sign of old-age, isn't it?

Feel free to share your top tips about sleeping well - I need all the help I can get!!