Corners Of My Home

I'm always interested in having a virtual nosy around other people's houses. Once, Sian showed off her favourite corners of her old home and I adored the individuality of it. Our house needs a lot of work structurally (the hallway ceiling fell down a few weeks ago) but the interior means that we would never find another that suits our needs anywhere else!

The house is decorated quite neutrally but we all have our own space; each of the children have their own bedrooms adorned with gadgets galore, I have my home office (also the spare room) and my husband has a room for all his boy toys (he’s an amateur radio operator)

I have a whole corner of the lounge to myself right next to the radiator. Within reach is my Filofax, a notebook, my hard-drive, my kindle, my craft basket and my laptop. It is a perfect viewing spot for the television and is completely central to the whole of the house.

At the top of the stairs hangs my favourite piece of art. I found it at the Hippy Market in Ibiza and it cost about 15€. Because of it’s placement - being in view all the time - you’d think I'd get used to seeing it there but I love looking at it every single day.

I am reclaiming my office space in the spare room at the moment (hence the very tidy looking desk) and making it a space where I can feel creative. I should spend more time up there writing, away from the distraction of the television but it currently feels very isolated. It's going to change even more in there soon as I want to be able to leave WIP's (work in progress) out ready to pick up again so I'm in the process of sorting out all my crafting materials (yarn, swatches, cross stitching thread). I am also looking at decoupage and paper cutting because I obviously don't have enough part-finished projects already... <ahem>

When you look around in my unofficial office tour, you can also catch a glimpse of our shelves full of videos that I'm loath to get rid of (I have been challenged to write about them so that's coming soon).
Also in my office space is the final 'Love Heart's picture. It's nothing special - it cost just a couple of pounds in a bargain store but it's bright and cheerful and the words "Dream Big" always remind me that nothing is impossible.

What are the favourite parts of your home?

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