3 Easy Ways to Make Photo Slideshows Look More Impressive

Have you noticed how some photo slideshows look really impressive, and are able to draw viewers in and engage them? At the same time there are many others that look like a photobooth picture from Photo Booth Rental Fort Worth or fall short of that, and may even look mundane and dull and some look

The fact of the matter is that the reason some photo slideshows look really impressive is no accident. Instead it is the result of careful planning and making the right decisions when creating the slideshow.

If you want your photo slideshows to look more impressive, there are three easy ways to pull it off:

Be (very) selective about the photo quality

For a photo slideshow to look impressive, it needs to only consist of photos that are impressive. That is why you need to be selective, and should discard any photos that have questionable quality.

From the photos that remain, you should try to find the best options. In some cases it may help to edit some of the photos to color correct them or improve the composition.

Set the right pace for your slideshow

Pacing is a tricky (and subjective) issue for photo slideshows. The goal should be to have each photo appear long enough for viewers to fully appreciate its content, but not too long that they start to get bored. Typically it is recommended that each photo be shown for between 3 to 5 seconds.

On top of that you will need to take into account the effect of the slide duration on the overall pace of the slideshow. Keeping it low can make the slideshow as a whole move along more rapidly, and can help if the story itself is exciting and meant to be energetic.

Conversely the opposite may be a better fit for a story that is meant to be tranquil and relaxed as it will have a more leisurely pace.

Use visually-similar photos to transition smoothly

One way to make a slideshow look more impressive is to ensure that each photo transitions more smoothly. That can be done by making sure the photos are visually-similar so that moving from one to the next is not too jarring for viewers and feels more immersive instead.

The visual similarities in your photos should be in terms of the elements of their composition, such as lines, color, patterns, tone, and texture. The more similar the photos are, the smoother your slideshow will look.

Although your slideshow making software may have other visual effects that you can use such as animated transitions – you should be wary about using them. Overusing visual effects can very easily backfire, and end up making a slideshow look messy rather than impressive.

Suffice to say you should start by focusing on the ways listed above if you really want to make your slideshow look great. Once you’re done improving your slideshow using them, you can decide whether or not you want to add a few tasteful visual effects to accentuate the slideshow.