4 True Crime Podcasts To Binge On Now

4 True Crime Podcasts To Binge On Now - by Nickie @ Typecast : S-Town, The Fred And Rose West Tapes, Man In The Window, The Teachers Pet

Recently I've been digging into my podcast library and recommendations and always seem to switch between humour, running and true crime. The latter theme - true crime - has become a bit of an obsession because I'm fascinated by the amount of information that's had to be sourced to create the podcast, and there's always a 'final outcome' rather than it being an continuing series. 

Here are my five favourites at the moment. All are available on iTunes, in your regular podcast app and maybe on Spotify but I've included main-page links below. Also, let me know what you're listening to right now. 

S-Town (subscribe)

Brian Reed is a journalist. He was contacted by John Mclemore who wanted help investigating claims that the son from a wealthy local family was bragging that he got away with murder. The investigation goes much deeper, uncovers a treasure hunt and the whole story is absolutely gripping. Don't search for spoilers do get on Google Earth when you've listened to the whole series. 

Unheard : The Fred And Rose West Tapes (subscribe)

Howard Sounes was the first journalist to break the story of serial murderers, Fred and Rose West. He recorded all his enquiries and interviews on cassette and saved them all.  Here, he revisits those tapes, speaks to new witnesses and reveals the full story of the Wests and their victims.

Man In The Window (subscribe)

The Los Angeles Times interviews the teenage fiancĂ©e, family and friends of Joseph James DeAngelo Jr to try and understand what makes a suspected killer  DeAngelo is accused of 13 murders and suspected of over 225 home invasions, including 50 rapes, in the 1970s and 1080s in a time compounded by a society that afforded little protection or understanding. 

The Teacher's Pet (subscribe)

Hedley Thomas details the story of Chris Dawson, an ex-professional footballer and now high school PE teacher, and Lynn who appear to have the perfect marriage.  However, when Lynn goes missing there are dark secrets discovered within a sordid story of strangely close twin brothers, relationships with students and probable murder.  What makes this podcast most compelling is that during its creation, new evidence and possible witnesses were uncovered and Chris Dawson has recently been re-arrested and is awaiting trial for the murder of his wife.

Are you listening to any true crime podcasts at the moment. Let me know your recommendations because I'm looking to add to my library.