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My Diary For 2023

Every year I write a blog post about which diary system or set up I am going to use for the following twelve months. In recent years, I have moved away from a Filofax (I trialled something earlier this year - more of that in a minute) and fallen in love with the Hobonichi printed diaries. For the last two years I have used a Hobonichi Weeks as my personal planner and I won't be deviating from that this year. I have tried a Hobonichi Techo A6 a couple of times but have never managed to feel comfortable with it size-wise.  I have always lusted after the Hobonichi Cousin A5 as a main work planner so, this year, I have bitten the bullet at launch time and invested in my very first one. Hobonichi Weeks The Hobonichi Weeks is a slim diary with a yearly, monthly and weekly layout. The main section is a "week to view with notes" and there are an additional 70 note pages at the back. This year (2022) I used the "Mega" version which comes with almost three times as m

Aids to help you through lockdown

For many of us, the necessary periods of lockdown across the UK have been extremely difficult. Being locked in our four walls for extended periods of time can be frustrating at best - and threatening our mental health at worst.

For many, it’s been a time of trying to find more things to do around the home or garden, to attempt to reduce the monotony and break up one day to the next. 

Activities like getting some of the household jobs done, or garden tidy-ups have been popular choices, with some turning towards cooking or other craft-related hobbies to keep the body and mind active.

But with this increase in activity around and in the home, it can highlight some of the physical difficulties we can face around the home and garden, that we wouldn’t necessarily observe in more normal times.

Starting on household jobs often includes a certain amount of reaching bending, stretching or lifting, which can easily invite strains, aches and even mild to more serious injuries in the home.

It’s a fact that, even with lockdown aside, accidents in the home account for the majority of accidents suffered nationally in the UK and it’s usually down to attempting activities that we are not fully prepared or equipped for, or pushing ourselves beyond our physical capabilities.

Daily Living Aids can be a great help in negating some of the most obvious hazards, but more than that, they allow for a more comfortable and relaxed opportunity to do more in the home and garden, deriving more enjoyment from each activity.

The term, Daily Living Aids, simply refers to a group of products that give help in daily household situations, such as in the kitchen or the garden. They are products that are specifically designed to help make life easier and safer and cover a plethora of common tasks.

A good example of a daily living aid is the Bread Board with Spikes, this simple tool allows the easy spreading of breads with butter and spreads and to make your sandwiches with ease and less need for coordinating both hands. 

The integral spikes hold the bread in place firmly, allowing the spreading with only one hand, so much easier and faster, also this applies to slicing which is much simpler when the bread is firmly held in place.

The handy Ergonomic Long Handled Garden Cultivator, takes the strain from many gardening tasks as it allows further reach and therefore less stress on the lumbar region of the back. 

Handy and in a modern design and lightweight materials, for the gardeners out there, this is an invaluable addition to your tools and one that you’ll turn to often. 

If anything can make a job that little bit easier and lessen the risk of injury, or at the very least discomfort, it’s sometimes worth investigating the options that can make your time during lockdown easier.

The TeaTool Tea Bag Squeezer is a useful addition, given that during lcokdown, were all making more cups of tea! This handy tool helps you to get the full flavour from your tea bag, whether that be normal white or black tea, or even your herbal blends. 

This simple device makes it safer and easier, as actually many spills and accidents come from when you’re trying to squeeze against the side of your mug or tea pot, to the point where it can fly off the worktop, not least, giving you an unwanted tidy up job. 

This tool bring us on to another area, essential for us to give attention to during the period of lockdown, that being getting enough hydration into your daily routine.

The Chrome Suction Grab Rail is a very useful addition to your home, as it is fully portable, so can be moved around depending on where needed, it is also a very secure rail when in place, easily accommodating your weight and aiding balance and coordination.

The Chrome Grab Rail is very easy to install without the need for any tools, it also comes with indicators, so you know when it is attached securely. 

When placed on a flat, smooth surface and fixed with the two pressure levers, the suction cups create a strong vacuum to keep the grab rail firmly in place.

When not required, the rail can easily be removed by lifting the pressure levers, which is a quick and easy process.

The above are just some of the many ideas and suggestions to make your life at home during the lockdown period easier and safer. To see a full range of daily living aids, please visit our dedicated website section to see our full in-stock range. Click here to view

Phil Ashforth is a staff writer for Mobility Smart, an online retailer of health, wellbeing and mobility equipment to help you recover from injury and recuperation, or just helping solve your mobility issues in normal daily life. You’ll find their website here