Planning A Holiday In 2021

While the New Year sees plenty of us showing an interest in health, fitness and our overall well-being, it’s often the time we all start making travel plans too. Currently were amidst a pandemic and any non-essential travel is suspended with many countries temporarily removed from the travel corridor exempt list, We’re definitely in a strange situation and nobody can blame you if you want to go on holiday, I feel like we all need one, desperately - so, when the time is right, I think I'll be looking at a UK holiday (don't make me say the word "staycation") because we have plenty of great places to visit.

My plans would start with the hotels in the London area (did you know that London has a beach?) but I might also look for something a little bit different too because I've been giving a lot of thought to how I can ensure I do more on my holidays rather than just lounge around. While relaxation is important, I’m finding that there are a ton of fitness holidays and ways to stay on top of your health while you travel.

I could go all out and look at a fitness boot camp to get me in shape fast but a yoga retreat might be nice too. Both of these options would help me kickstart my exercise regime but without the distractions that are always there at home, plus I would have the added bonus of the chance of being a tourist during my down time. Alternatively, I could train for the London Marathon and book a hotel and do some sightseeing once all the usual haunts are open again!

So, at the moment, going away to a foreign country is not something I'm comfortable with so I'll be really researching holidays in the UK for my next break. I might even look into hiring a barge on the canal near my house and viewing the local sights from a different angle.

If you are adamant that you do want to travel anywhere, regularly check the Government’s coronavirus guidelines and don’t forget to view the guidelines of the country you will be travelling to as well.

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