Sapphire Rings for Men

More and more, it’s becoming clear that jewellery is not just for women. Although it was typical for centuries for both men and women to wear jewellery of all kinds, the last century has seen a massive decline in men wearing jewellery and other accessories beyond a watch. The 21st century, however, is destined to be different. The men of this time will know the beauty of jewellery and all that it can do for them.

Let’s start by learning about sapphire rings for men.

Signet Rings

The most ‘classic’ men’s ring, the signet ring has existed since Ancient Roman times. Originally, the signet ring featured a large seal on it, allowing the wearer to sign and seal documents without needing to carry their seal with them. From its inception, the signet ring was a status symbol, as only the powerful required seals.

Today, owning your own signet ring is still something of a status symbol, since they are increasingly uncommon. Sapphire signet rings can have the stones set into the band of the ring, or cut to be flat on top and become the surface of the signet ring. Sometimes, this surface can be engraved to have a family crest, a significant letter, or be left plain for its blue hues to take centre stage. Something that’s great about signet rings is that they can become family heirlooms, going down through the generations. Inheriting an antique sapphire ring in the form of a signet ring is a sure way to feel connected to your heritage.

Statement Rings

Statement jewellery is typically large in size, with lots of gemstones or a very dramatic design. Men’s statement jewellery doesn’t have to be extremely large, since men’s jewellery is rarer in general. Sapphire statement rings can be anything from a two or even three-finger ring encrusted with diamonds and sapphires, or a pinkie ring with one considerably-sized sapphire on it.

Statement jewellery is designed to be worn on special occasions, rather than every day, and so you have a decent amount of liberty when it comes to the type of ring you’d like. If you like people to notice you when you enter a room, by all means go for the three-finger extravaganza type of ring. However, if you like to be more subtle, a plain yellow gold ring set with a single sapphire looks sophisticated and cool, and definitely makes a statement.

Engagement Rings

For more than 100 years, engagement rings have been the gift given to a woman to signal her betrothal to – typically – a man. The times they are a changin’, however, and in today’s world, men and women are independent agents who decide to marry because they are in love. With this in mind, it’s past time that men also wore engagement rings. It doesn’t have to be a dainty diamond band if that’s not what you’re in to, but celebrating your love with a physical symbol is always worth doing.

Sapphire engagement rings for men can come with a decent width to the band of the ring, allowing you to feel comfortable with the presence of the jewellery if you’re unused to wearing it. Similar to a woman’s engagement ring, you can opt for a single sapphire, a row of a certain number of sapphires, or a band with sapphires going around the length of the ring.

Wedding Rings

The wedding band is one piece of jewellery that men have continued to wear throughout the relative men’s jewellery drought of the last 100 years. The last couple of decades, however, have seen a significant increase in the diversity of the wedding rings worn by men around the world. A plain gold band is not practical for a lot of people, who generally prefer something like resin, wood, and tungsten rings.

Men’s sapphire engagement rings can feature a flat band of sapphire around the circumference of the ring itself; a bolt of blue in your wedding ring makes it unique and keeps it interesting as an accessory. Equally, there are other options such as uncut sapphire rings; the raw effect of the stone appears very masculine in a wide wedding band. You could also go classic and get a vintage sapphire ring such as the old-style classic of snake rings. These rings, shaped like snakes curling around your finger, have been popular since the Victorian era, and often feature sapphires and diamonds as decoration on the head of the snakes.

These are just a few ways that men of all ages and styles can try to incorporate sapphire rings into their wardrobes. If you want to try something new in this time of turmoil, a sapphire ring might be just the thing to give you a new sense of style. Try it out and see!