"Freshly Vaxed" Doesn't Mean "Unmasked"

I live in an area where EVERYONE is encouraged to go for their Covid vaccine, regardless of age due to the high number of cases. There is also a drive to bring forward the second vaccination for those who are eligible and I'm MASSIVELY in favour of this.

However, scrolling through social media, I am seeing some "Millennials" or "Gen Y" aged people saying that now they are "vaxed" they are going to ditch their mask. I've also seen so-called "influencers" posting videos of them tossing a mask over their shoulder whilst dressed, ready to go "out out".

I'm not going to start spouting off about who, why, how, etc but (1) the vaccine works with your immune system to fight the virus if exposed and (2) masks will block respiratory droplets when talking, both of which help SLOW the spread of Covid-19. Anyone sharing on social media can influence someone else so people prepared to share their own "message" need to GET IT RIGHT! 

I'm NOT going to get into a conversation about whether you *should* get vaccinated or whether we are being fed certain information by the media. I've done my own research and I'm happy with what I've read, the actions that I have taken and am going to continue to take.