How to make your bedroom feel more spacious

Our bedrooms have become multi use spaces recently.  Functioning as home offices while we work from home, safe havens while we isolate and for a good night’s rest – hopefully.

Bedrooms can become easily overworked and full though. It’s important to keep a bedroom as spacious as possible for your health and wellbeing, as working from your bed can be dangerous.

How to make your bedroom feel more spacious
Photo by Holly Stratton

Why free up space in your bedroom?

There are several reasons why you should free up more space in your bedroom. We take a look at a few below.

Reduces clutter

Clutter can make daily living feel like a chore. Constant dusting and cleaning as well as rearranging of stuff means there’s less time to enjoy ourselves and more time spent on maintaining our belongings.

Lowers stress

Mess creates stress. If there isn’t enough space for all our possessions, we can soon become overwhelmed.

This leads to stress and anxiety as a messy space can interrupt how calm and relaxed we feel.

Improves sleep

A clear and uncluttered bedroom can facilitate a better, deeper and calmer sleep.

Air quality is greatly improved in less cluttered and spacious rooms, which in turn helps us rest more soundly.

How to create spaciousness

If you want a better night’s sleep and to enjoy a more spacious bedroom, here are our top tips to creating a spacious feeling bedroom.

Tidy up

Creating a feeling of spaciousness could be as simple as giving your bedroom a good clean and tidy.

Folding away clean laundry, storing sheets in cupboards or under the bed and dusting surfaces all go a long way to help.

Improve storage

Investing in quality storage solutions, especially for awkward shaped rooms, is a great way to get more space in your bedroom.

Getting storage units over your bed can help to increase storage space while not taking up any of the floorspace in your room, helping to keep it clear and tidy.

Storage should be clever and non-intrusive, giving you space for your stuff but the feeling of a more spacious room.


Have a good clear out of all the things you don’t need and no longer use. Decluttering is a quick and instant way to give your bedroom more space.

Donate, recycle and sell anything you no longer want. You could even make some money to redecorate your bedroom.

Light colours

Decorating your bedroom in light colours will give the instant feeling of more space.

Warm whites, soft greys and sand and stone hues all work well for creating a light and airy feel.

Use mirrors

Mirrors reflect light and can cleverly bounce it around your bedroom making it feel more spacious without renovating.

No matter how much space you need or want to feel in your bedroom, with the above simple tips it’s easy to create a spacious bedroom.