Ladybird Poppies in my Yarden!

More from the urban yarden planters.  

If you've been following my journey discovering back yard gardening over on my Instagram (I'm a total beginner) then this is the update for you! 

These gorgeous specimens sprung up whilst I was on holiday and I wasn't too sure what they were other than they looked like poppies. A quick ask on Facebook confirmed that they are Papaver Commutatum - (oriental) Ladybird Poppies - and they are not fully open yet.

I was then reminded that they came from seeds from a friend who originally grew her batch from one of her mum's plants! I've now been given some advice about seeding and cutting them back so that I can enjoy them year after year!

I'm really enjoying learning about all these different low/no effort plants - it's my type of gardening!