Is 2023 Ready For Me?



🎂 2022 was the year I turned 50. FIFTY YEARS OLD!
💼 2022 was the the year that I started a new job which allowed me to use existing skills and build on those in a brand new, exciting role in a world-renown company.
🏃🏻‍♀️ 2022 was the year that my running was sporadic - I only entered one race but I did hit my 50 parkrun milestone.
✈️ 2022 was the year we went to Menorca for the first time and managed to completely switch off and do nothing.
🍅 2022 was the year that I grew tomatoes for the first time. My crop of 17 was a huge success!
🎧 2022 was the year that my radio show ended but I used my expertise to create a podcast that went global in a very short space of time.

➡️ 2023 has a lot to live up

❤️‍🩹 2023 will include more running, maybe a bit more writing, definitely more books and more crochet and more jigsaws to help with my own well-being.
🌍 2023 hopefully brings a bit more travel than the past few years. UK or further afield - I don't mind.
👩🏻 2023 is the year I want to look at personal growth to create a better me in the workspace and develop my role.
❓ 2023 will be a more healthier year and who knows what else is around the corner?

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