Blogging can at times feel like a selfish pursuit. We blog because we enjoy the act, take pleasure from expressing ourselves or feel that we have something relevant to say. We don’t necessarily assume that people will read, but if they do we are delighted and we blog more, bolstered with the confidence that comes from having a supportive audience.

There are so many stories out there to be told, and whilst many of us use a blog as an outlet, sometimes those stories are best told elsewhere, where we can’t be recognised, and where we can speak freely without worrying what people will think of us. You may not have a blog, or any form of regular outlet and just need somewhere to let it all out – this is where we can help.

As a group of like-minded bloggers, we started thinking about how we could support people who wanted advice, support or even just to vent in an anonymous fashion. We’ve learned that there are occasions where people wanted to talk in confidence but felt unable to do so, convinced that others would somehow recognise them.  Our research brought us to a collective of blogs, all sharing the same ideology. We have decided to open our blogs to you, if you need them:


We can guarantee is confidentiality, a sounding board, a blank page for your words and, if necessary an introduction and conclusion with links or signposts to places where others can find further information or support. You can have comments on or off, seek assistance or just vent.

If you’re a regular reader at Typecast please look out for the Blognonymous posts and offer the same support and advice that you always have – it’s your involvement that will make this venture a success and I’ve wouldn’t be doing this without you.

We have a range of blogs available, with a range of readership and atmospheres.  If you’ve got a story to tell and nowhere that you feel able to tell it, feel free to pick one of our blogs where you think you’d feel most comfortable and get in touch.

Twitter: @Blognonymous

If you would like to support our campaign please grab the code below and display the official supporters badge on your blog or website:

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Contributors Quote:  
Thanks for providing people with this platform, it's a godsend, so really thank you.