Soundtrack To My Life - Steph

Soundtrack To My Life
It's a real pleasure to share this week's Soundtrack To My Life because it comes from one of my oldest friends, Steph.

We were at primary school together way way back in the 1970's (I know we don't look that old).  Our little gang was a force to be reckoned with when it came to skipping and elastics.

We lost tough for a while but social media and blogging brought us back together again with a bit of an emotional reunion at a bloggers conference a couple of years ago.  And even though we are like ships in the night, we will eventually get to see each other again soon.


Abba - Dancing Queen - Abba

A classic and just has to feature as first on my list. I don't think any party is complete without it, and I will never be able to stand still and not dance when this comes on. It was played at my wedding and I was 'slightly' disappointed that my Dad chose this time to want to dance with me whilst really I was dying to get in a gang with my friends and boogie (sorry Dad!). Have made up for it many times since though.

Billy Joel - Uptown Girl

An Innocent Man was the first album I ever owned - bought for me as a Christmas present by my parents. Was never quite sure why, and if it was their musical taste rather than mine, but I did grow to love it. It's meant even more to me since as Uptown Girl appears on the Loose Women CD (don't judge me, right?!) and after hearing it in the car, my youngest daughter insisted that I play it again. And again. And a lot more times. You'd think I'd be sick of it by now, but it actually quite tickles me that she loves it so much and can sing along!

Toni Basil - Mickey

This always reminds me of my bestest oldest school friend and our time in those 'early years' together. School discos - stonewashed denim, bad haircuts, and trying to copy crazy dance moves... aaahh, those were the days!

Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes - Time Of My Life (Dirty Dancing OST)

Dirty Dancing was, and always will be, the best film I have ever seen. I love it with all my heart and will never tire of watching it. I was extremely excited this summer when I got to go and watch it at an outdloor cinema in our local park! I love the whole soundtrack from the film, but this of course brings up visions of 'the' Lift. When I hear any of the music it makes me go a little weak-kneed and takes me back to those fantastic 80s again.

Bryan Adams - Run To You

My favourite song by my favourite singer (sorry Gary Barlow, but you do come a very close second). This was on one of the earliest albums I owned. The lyrics were not at all relevant to any situation I had found myself in at that point in life, but the song still stirred up feelings inside me somehow, and still does.
I imagine everyone thinks they know my music taste by now, but I do sway out of the 80s mainstream pop bracket every once in a while. Promise. Heart FM is definitely not my favourite radio station *ahem*.

Take That

I'm going to cheat and slip number 6 in here too, and even more cheating as I declare every song that Take That have ever done as my 6th choice. Did you know I've been to at least one concert on every one of their tours so far?! Mega fan.
(Editors note: I'll let you sneak "Shine" in because it's one of my favourites)


Soundtrack To My Life
You can find Steph's blog here. She writes about her family life which involves one of her children having a type of autism called PDA (Pathalogical Demand Avoidance). Also look out for her on  Facebook and find her on Twitter as @steph007.

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